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  1. Shermmm = Punishment_ - RoyalGS
  2. Appeal dealt with on TeamSpeak. - RoyalGS
  3. He has been nicked. Thanks for posting this. - RoyalGS
  4. Dude can you check out my ban Appeal no rush just want to play aliacraft asap thanks


  5. You're unbanned. You must have had banned accounts linked with your ip, but they are all gone now. thanks for making this appeal. - RoyalGS

    1. JustCrisi


      Staff profiles are not places for ban appeals.

  7. The players have been dealt with. Thanks for posting the proof - RoyalGS
  8. Appealed on Teamspeak.
  9. GodsBlessing, we don't reload players inventorys if they get stuck in a block from enderpearling. - RoyalGS
  10. Loathes, you were avoiding ban, and will not be unbanned.
  11. if you would like to come on teamspeak, i will be happy to explain why you have been banned. Punishment_ will also in the channel with me. - RoyalGS
  12. Personally I don't think that's enough proof. Thanks for posting the proof anyway. - RoyalGS
  13. I need help so I got banned but now I cant play kit at all I was banned on prison?

    1. JustCrisi


      Firstly RoyalGS's profile is not a place for ban appeals. Secondly bans are global, you are banned on every server including the hub.

  14. You have been unbanned. - RoyalGS