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  1. Transferring Ranks

    If your account was hacked you should probably have contacted Mojang
  2. Ignorant and abus!ve staff.

    Playing on an alternative account when banned has been against the rules for awhile now. If you feel that the rules are outdated I'll take a look at them and see if an update is needed. No one has said you're the bad guy, it's quite simple you resigned from staff and went on to become rather toxic Breaking rules which will result in some form of punishment. Staff don't punish without reason and if a staff were to abuse then they shouldn't be staff. But if you wanna accuse someone of abusing there better be some damn good proof. Reporting a staff by saying they abuse doesn't really help anyone, it's very difficult to get proof of a previous encounter or try to catch them in the act. I Believe most people would agree that it's better if we spend that time updating servers. It's very simple to get the proof yourself, minecraft has a builtin screenshot tool. and something like Lightshot isn't difficult to install or use. If you wish to report someone feel free to private message me here. (Top right there's a Little mail Icon use that) Moving on... Calling a higher-up Power hungry is rather confusing. We are already on the top, and we earned our way up there. But without players we have zero power anyways so why would we even want to chase away our playerbase in the first place. We want nothing more than players to actually play our server. What we do NOT want is players unable to follow simple rules to make the server a friendly Environment for everyone. sad excuse… is that everyone always claims false ban. I highly doubt that so many people did absolutely nothing wrong. If you can't even remember what you were doing when you got banned then what's saying that you didn't actually do something wrong in the first place?
  3. Factions

    There is non yet.
  4. Confirmation

    As of now there is no list. I Believe one is being made and it will be published. For now mods that are allowed is optifine... all I know of @Mitchka wanna fill out the blanks?
  5. _Mr_Offical_ Being Racist 

    Dealt with. Thread closed
  6. Creative Staff List

    Creative Staff Head-Admin SIF11 - @SIF11 _Jadee - @_Jadee Admins Ruairo - Ruben__ - @ruben__ Moderators TheeKopjee - @TheeKopjee Helpers TheGameGuru - @lugia757 CyanzZ - @CYANZZ H0pes - @H0pes HurriStrike - @HurricaneStrike1 KeizerKronos - @KeizerKronos Giblo - @GilboV3
  7. KitPvP Staff TeamSpeak Interviews

    Good luck to everyone.
  8. rude behaviour

    That up at the top is at most a warning, so nothing can or will be done. Thread closed
  9. Ban evading...

    The point is to make them understand that what they are doing is wrong... And if they keep on doing it they will end up really very ip banned. We believe in second chances. But if you are like @zvkk99 here and want to ruin the game for 61k players, you can stay perm banned.
  10. DEAD

    Yeah that was really "funny"... You tagged Gizmo, have you ever seen him respond to a post?
  11. Why use an old Picture? I hate old Pictures of myself
  12. Commander Rank

    *clicks like* Solved + Closed
  13. "like" button?

    *insert like*
  14. What needs Fixed/Added

  15. Ronthepro654 flying

    Nice editing Player dealt with.