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  1. Guide Rank?

    Why do I always have to be late to the cool kid's party?
  2. Guide Rank?

    Just a little idea I thought of while I was in a Teamspeak channel and the few staff members that were in there thought it was pretty cool, so I decided to share it. So instead of having someone go to a specific server after being interviewed for the position staff, I thought it would be cool to bring back the Global rank of Guide. The Guide would not have many perms if any, but they would go around the server as a... guide! This would show that they truly want to dedicate themselves to staff and whatever server that may need staff, or if they are spending the most time on one server, the Head Admin of that server can choose to see that they are promoted to a Helper on that server and would then be server specific. This is literally just an idea I thought of when I was bored if this is completely shut down that is ok and understandable. Could the Operators @Sil3ntWxlf, @SIF11, @Mitchka, @Mr_DrkAngel have a looky at this? (These are the Operators I know do not get offended if I did not tag you) lol
  3. Prison Updates Thread

    I like Prison.
  4. Thank you EVERYONE!

    Going to miss you in the end.
  5. Kitpvp Give Away!

    I am commenting on this to win something I think.
  6. KitPvP Staff TeamSpeak Interviews

    Why don't you noobs apply?
  7. KitPvP Staff TeamSpeak Interviews

    Good luck to all that apply. :3
  8. I want to become staff of factions because there I

    Hopefully, there are interviews soon.
  9. If you follow my account you a G

  10. DEAD

    I was going to try to transfer at one point, but then I was like nahhh I'm good.
  11. Trolling staff.

    Wait do pm's count too? Because I am in trouble if that is the case.
  12. Want to become staff

    I think the lack of staff in Factions is noticed and something will be done about it, but if you have any more insight to this @Rob please tell.
  13. Obsidian not Breakable with TnT

    This must be a factions thing I don't know, but obby not being able to blow up by TNT is a vanilla thing. @Rob Correct me if I am wrong, please.
  14. New Logo :D

    No problem
  15. Mob despawning

    @Rob Do you know what is causing this?