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  1. Thank you EVERYONE!

    NOOOO! Really sad to see you leave since I've known you for nearly 2 years now. Even though I've quit Minecraft and haven't really talked to you in the past year, you were always a really helpful and kind guy. AliAcraft will never be the same without you and I'm sure everyone is deeply saddened by your departure and grateful for everything that you've done. Good luck in life! *Most of us
  2. Ben's Playlist

    Sounds good! Link me it on Discord i'm online right now.
  3. Ben's Playlist

    Now it's kinda annoying, I've been waiting too long to get verified.
  4. Ben's Playlist

    Haha. I do talk now, it's just that whenever I get moved i'm watching a film or playing some other game.
  5. Ben's Playlist

    @Ben was wondering if you could link me your Teamspeak music Playlist. The music was pretty dope, but since i've been trying to get verified for 5 days without success I can't listen to it . Thanks
  6. Which one

    I liked this one aswell "Beat dropped harder than the iPhone 7's headphone jack"
  7. Which one

    Which version is better, original or remix? I don't know where to post this, so just move to the right section instead of deleting it.
  8. idek

    thanks dude, join your discord or ts3
  9. idek

    Ik i couldn't get you on skype and teamspeak but why did you admit to all that stuff? You could have just alted on one of your 5 alts or something. @Eastwards
  10. btw since biased staff might remove our posts, I wanted to let you know that your ban appeal received lots of support from my friend @AllPass

    this is the link to the strawpoll http://www.strawpoll.me/12428976

    we all posted in favour of you being unbanned but staff might remove it so ill send you a screenie



  11. PC Specs

    i5 Laptop Gives me 150 FPS so.... I'm happy.
  12. Happy birthday 


    1. AllPass


      Skrub got there before me