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  1. Bighouse, Please understand that Mitchka is just taking her job here on Aliacraft seriously. Anything done is done with the best interest of the server at hand, as well as following any policies making sure that decisions are fair.
  2. If I banned you for Duping, it is because you had a huge number of items and saying you stole it from someone is something I can't prove. @Dooley_labs can put his final input on this situation, but personally I am leaning towards standing my ground.
  3. Read this first!
  4. What were you muted for? Because most times if you are muted it is not a server specific rule...The global rules however are linked below!
  5. @Gumanji
  6. @Dooley_labs I think this falls onto your Department!
  7. @Fearless @Gumanji If you could post the proof on this one please?
  8. Please make a Proper Appeal!
  9. Please make a Proper Appeal!
  10. Please make a Proper appeal.
  11. @Mitchka @Ruuairi Can you confirm?
  12. gone

    @Kionn I do not have access to the BuyCraft System, That lies solely with @Ben and @Ollieed. Sorry I can not be of any assistance.
  13. @Silverz_
  14. Yes, That was the reason you were banned. There was only one other account on your internet connection, and it was recently banned, so that does lead staff to believe that you are ban evading. Upon the evidence you provided, This ban appeal has been Approved! @Mitchka Can you close and move this thread?
  15. Please make a Proper Ban Appeal.