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  1. ItsCrisiG officially signing off

    Wow....Forget me, I see how it is Good Luck man! Wish you the best.
  2. New fishing

    Also note, that Contacting the Dev, usually means nothing will change until an update for the plugin is published. So, Patience will lead to victory!
  3. Let me get this straight.

    I'm not saying it's NOT a place for banter, but it is still a place to show your character, especially when you obviously can't do it on the server.
  4. Let me get this straight.

    I have only seen you on Discord and personally just from there, could tell that you are a troll. Nothing against you, just the type of personality I infer from conversations, you seem quick to stir conflict and honestly am Neutral leaning towards a -Support on your getting unbanned. My advice, try to be more optimistic and helpful in whatever capacity you can. That would be (in my opinion) the only way to "prove" yourself.
  5. Friendly Staff

    Aren't many staff outside of skyblock that I interact with, but: @whitey212 @Mitchka @Dooley_labs - He's nice in a Special Way @NachtRaben

    What's Up Guys! I am Coolguy, better known as DJCoolguy from Hive365, or if you have seen me troll other internet forums, and as my post title suggests, I AM THE ALWAYS ANGRY MARINE!!! FOR THE EMPRAH! Hmu through the forums, or find me on Teamspeak!