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  1. @Dooley_labs I think this falls onto your Department!
  2. @Fearless @Gumanji If you could post the proof on this one please?
  3. Please make a Proper Appeal!
  4. Please make a Proper Appeal!
  5. Please make a Proper appeal.
  6. @Mitchka @Ruuairi Can you confirm?
  7. gone

    @Kionn I do not have access to the BuyCraft System, That lies solely with @Ben and @Ollieed. Sorry I can not be of any assistance.
  8. @Silverz_
  9. Yes, That was the reason you were banned. There was only one other account on your internet connection, and it was recently banned, so that does lead staff to believe that you are ban evading. Upon the evidence you provided, This ban appeal has been Approved! @Mitchka Can you close and move this thread?
  10. Please make a Proper Ban Appeal.
  11. Your ban has now been implemented to 30 Days as per our guidelines. This time starts today.
  12. @Phoenix_Magik @whitey212
  13. @RoyalGS
  14. Seems like a scam to me. @Phoenix_Magik @whitey212 @Mitchka @KevCope What do you guys think?
  15. Your appeal has been Accepted! For Future Reference, Your appeal should have looked like this: 1) What Is Your IGN: lordhotshots 2) Who banned you and from what server (Arcade, Creative, Factions, Kitpvp, Prison, Sky Block, Survival, Teamspeak) : DJCoolguy3289/Skyblock 3) How long is your ban:17days 4) When were you banned: January 1, 2017 5) Why were you banned: Ban Evasion 6) Are you guilty: No 7) Do you have any proof that you are not guilty (please provide the proof): http://imgur.com/a/dhqOI 8) Why do you think you should be unbanned, what makes you privileged over other players banned for the same reason: These were friend's accounts 9) Provide a screenshot of the ban notice. Upload to imugur or gyazo and post a link: N/A