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  1. It's been good...

    RIP Ollie 2k17 <3
  2. Thank you EVERYONE!

    RIP Ben 2k17 <3
  3. Rank Disappeared?

    Thank you for informing me, @Rob . As the senior developer on the Ali-A Craft server, I will reinstate your developer rank when I am next available, @Redeze .
  4. My banhammer

    I know how to get myself banned, it has worked many times before. Nacht <3 Mac Mac > Windows MacRaben Love you really xxx
  5. pochamen Go appellation for staff

    helo mr rUAirI, we hav loked deaply in2 ur app and we fink u wood b gr8! i wil b in contakt son! thx thx 4 ur applie, from rydon
  6. Bye :)

    NUUUUUU. You will be missed! You have done a lot for the server and definitely won't be forgotten! <3
  7. IGN Change?

    KangarooPouch or iLiveInNewZeland or AustrailiaIsNewZealand
  8. Minecraft QUIZ - Are you a noob or a pro?

    General Quiz, 9/10! I'm not a noob!
  9. Me and the Alia Sign

    Is that my non-christmas skin?
  10. My time as staff </3 #RIPArcade

    Sad to see you go, again
  11. Kinda old screenshots

    I hope you're being sarcastic
  12. Kinda old screenshots

    Omg omg! I'm there! Look at me in that green bud.. wait, nvm. You didn't have me buddied.
  13. RIP Yeetman :(

  14. RIP Yeetman :(

    Today marks the day Yeetman is no longer staff, tomorrow marked 1 year of him being staff #1DayAway. I remember being promoted to admin the day we had arcade staff interviews, which so happened to be the same day I was promoted to arcade admin. Yeetman interviewed for arcade trial mod, was accepted and had to be banned from arcade because he was too active xD. He was a really active staff member and us admins had a pretty easy decision of whom to promote to admin. After almost a year, I thank you on behalf of the server and staff for your hard work and dedication to the server. You will be missed! #RIPYeetman
  15. Hello World!

    I was Sad times rip