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  1. "dont use the forums to give advice to devs on how to design their servers" OMG IM DONE!!!!
  2. what like that pokemon go crap that will make ali-a play on it and make aliacraft great again. #MAKEALIANETWORKGREATAGAIN. yeah but putting in some stuff to not make players want to leave would be good sometime sure many people will agree.
  3. chaos is a little dead. i an most people feel that there is no longer any updates to chaos. Our last update was the Christmas as i know off. I have a couple of suggestions that could be added to chaos to make it just a little better. 1. /ah. we had this before but it got removed. ah was the best place to sell items. its very hard to sell and item to someone without them scamming you so this would help 2. more stuff to the oracle. its only got the quest scrolls and the option to buy keys. The option to buy keys could get removed or the price lower as its very over priced also not sure if there should be an option to buy vote keys? 3. /trade. most servers have /trade and it allows people to trade without being scammed which helps. however scamming is part of most servers but its a nice way to trade keys across servers 4. /cf also known as coin-flip. this would be a cool simple way to make money. 5. some more enchant. i know its hard to come up with ideas but it could do with some more. thats all i can think off if you have any suggesting please leave them below.
  4. The main glitch that i have seen around factions is that lots of large factions want a corner claim. with the world borders you can run into the and jump down and it will tp you inside that factions base. This has been a large problem for our faction and its been reported but have not seen any fixes for it. As a result of this we have had to come up with our own ways but then people still find away if its using hacks or glitching. Now i only know of this Factions glitch but im sure there are many more found out by other players and players will still abuse them to get an advantage over any other player ranked or not. As im not staff i cannot fix any of these issues but i can give my point and hopefully staff will reflect on players point and find a way how to stop many of these glitches -Love from DiamondDog159 <3
  5. It would be cool if you could add armour and tools to the /tinkerer as of right now its only for the custom enchants. As you can get kits from the all the crates which when you get multiple sets it just becomes useless and you need a way to get rid of it even just for a little XP would be good. Updating the /ce. I brought a legendary enchant book 10k and i got some enchant ive never seen on /ce so i had no clue what it does and did not want to lose any of my stuff risking something i do not know what i does. and last updating the crates maybe. The stuff you can get from a Legendary crate is horrendous you can spent £10 on x3 legendary keys and get $20k to 50k each time thats in the vote keys as well not to talk shit on the legendary crate but its not that good. some stuff is good but no all.
  6. Who won December as i do not know if i came 3rd or 4th.
  7. PLEASE FIX !!!!
  8. When i am grinding my mob for XP i all ways have the problem of the stack of mobs spawning in different places. I am sure many of you have had this problem and it get so annoying as you have to move from one side to the other. for example with the wolfs you have a grass and light they will spawn on the 1 side of the base then move to the other as a couple of wolfs spawned over there and the whole stack would move. It would be awesome if this could get fixed as its a joke to run from one side to the other for a long period of time. <3 DiamondDog159
  9. well im sorry to say i was on 122 and now im on 102. ik rip DiamondDog159. lesson learned not to trade with Gamesstarcrafter if you know what im saying. that kids slimy
  10. well as no one wanted survival keys i decided to save them all up LOL 122 so farrr GG. as time flys i learn to not to trade with vprozzz guy
  11. On survival i got 84 vote keys and 300k. Now here is the thing i dont play it so im trading all this stuff for faction vote keys. We will do it my way as most survival people have a bad rep for scamming. Hit me up if you wana trade then. PEACE
  12. thread closed.
  13. oh well it was worth a shot
  14. Anyone got keys here then?
  15. Whats going on here then? All i wanted was some faction keys and i come back to this