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  1. oh god why..

  2. Reset Info?

    @ActualGS @Dembelee
  3. I have a question

    It's than not then
  4. Mending needs to be removed!

    What's stopping you from using a mending set???
  5. Threats to Account!

    To add to that, the player was also being disrespectful in chat towards a few players.
  6. Xtog's goodbye.

    Lol 😂😂
  7. Hey!

    A bit late but congrats lol
  8. Info on Survival KoTH

    Hey there, I believe you need to go to /warp pvp and then its somewhere on the left side. Correct me if I'm wrong @Demayell @Sil3ntWxlf @CraziiTabby - Crisi [KitPvP Helper]
  9. Pvp community

    Believe me I do know lol. Also my staff status does not affect my response- Prison is not all about pvp. - Crisi [KitPvP Helper]
  10. Pvp community

    You may be hitting each other, however this is not a major thing that needs something implemented to stop it from happening, especially when as Mitchka has said, Prison is not a PvP based server. If you want to stop hitting each other so badly maybe pay more attention as to who you're hitting. - Crisi [KitPvP Helper]
  11. ban

    @Xtog no need to get involved and cause more arguments. Let Mitchka and whoever else is involved with it.
  12. this is cool

    I'd suggest not using it until further notice.
  13. KitPvP Staff TeamSpeak Interviews

    Congrats to all new helpers! @0riginal @Crisi @GoddessMiya @JustTropic @THEbasMCD
  14. Liamswin01 Ban?

    First video shows nothing- What is that FOV? Quake pro? Second video shows nothing as it lags like mad. If you think those are hacks, going along with that proof, you may want to re-evaluate what you think hacks are.
  15. Mines once again ):

    @LadyRosyG just suggesting, maybe replace obby with something like hardened clay or something like that?