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  1. 👻Halloween Building Competition👻

    First off, well done to everyone! There were some brilliant, spooky builds! I wish I could award everyone first place but alas I must decide and after some much deliberation, I l have decided the winners (with some help). Before I list them I just want to say well done again and not to be disheartened if you didn't win. Hope to see you for the next build! In 1st Place we have TIE! The money will be split and you will both be receiving a one-off kit and Keys Well done to Crafter_Dad and DaynoT In 2nd place we have Dynos4ur - Great job! In 3rd Place we have KingSpenc09 - Love the maze you added! Prizes will be placed either in a chest on your island or in your PV Thankyou for entering everyone!
  2. 👻Halloween Building Competition👻

  3. 👻Halloween Building Competition👻

  4. 👻 Halloween Building Competition 👻 Hey guys, we have finally decided to do a new building competition and to celebrate the scary occasion we thought it would be a great idea to host a building competition, with the theme of course being, Halloween. This competition will go on until the end of Halloween and results will be posted on the 1st November. Due to a number of late entries, it has been decided the competition will now end on Sunday 4th November, with the results being given on the 5th. Prizes are as follows: 1st: One-off Brand new Halloween Kit 2018 + 300k + 1000 use Sellstick + 3 Exotic keys 2nd: One-off Old Halloween Kit 2016 + 150k + 2 Exotic keys 3rd: One-off builder kit + 50k + 1 Exotic key The winners will also have their heads on the winner's wall! To enter, simply comment with your ign below: Best of luck to you all, Happy Building! Please note only single entries are allowed and any rude or inappropriate comments will be removed and you will not be entered into the competition
  5. ☀ Skyblock Summer Building Competition ☀

    Hey guys, First if all, thankyou to everyone who entered the summer building competition. There were some interesting builds, well done to all. Though a difficult task, the judges have decided that the winners of the competition are as follows 1st Lumberjack__ 2nd Mattstar67 3rd _JackGV Keep an eye out for the next one guys.
  6. »» Skyblock Updates 2 ««

    »» Skyblock Updates 2 «« Hey guys, A few things have happened in the few weeks that Kuzbear and myself have been promoted. Some you may already be aware of and some you may not so i’m going to list them here: The spawn has been updated slightly. We have opened up the space you first spawn into and added a list of warps you may visit. The board that determines whether we need staff or not has been moved to /warp staff We have also added a feature at spawn which allows you to see the 3 richest players on the server and the 3 Top islands. A hologram with FAQS has been added at spawn and also a Elytra Parkour, you can get to this by doing /warp parkour. Warp tutorial has been given a new look and re organised to make it easier for players to navigate round. For those who don’t know the way to access this area is by /warp tutorial /Warp shop has been revamped with a new plugin called blue shop. The previous plugin was causing issues and lag and we thought it was time for an update. We also moved the farms to the end of the shop, so they may be in one place rather than making you run from one side to the other. The maze now has it own warp /warp maze The area named /warp magik has had a little editing and is now called /warp event, Here you can engage in public skin comps, see the winners of previous competitions and be able to purchase special items from seasonal events! We now have a area just for drop parties. /warp dp They will be hosted after every community meeting. Make sure you’re there or you might lose out on the goodies. /Warp Track! We have new area for people who love to be competitive. So if you love racing and winning head down to /warp track and we can have a horse race. Sellstick! Has been added to the exotic crates. With this, you care able to sell full chests of items by simply clicking it with the sellstick. Oh and it has unlimited uses, We will be dropping a limited uses sellstick in the drop party so good luck. We understand that there might still be an issue where you glitch through the floor. Until this has been resolved ‘keep inventory’ will remain on. That being said, as difficult as you may find it, it would be very useful that when this does happen you quickly take a screenshot and send it us, Not just for proof but so we can also see what’s going on. I would personally like to say thank you to all the staff that have worked incredibly hard to make this happen in only a few weeks! See the following link for some screenshots of our new and improved areas/features:
  7. ☀ Skyblock Summer Building Competition ☀ Hey everyone! Get your building pants on because another building comp has come around for you to guys participate in if you want to Previously we have had a Christmas, Halloween, & Valentines theme this time around we have themed it Summer. This building competition will go from 2/08 - 24/08 at no particular time. The top 3 winners voted by judges will receive BIG prizes (The prizes are shown below). It will be great if you participate even if you think you aren’t great at building, just give it a go and most importantly have fun! TO ENTER THE COMPETITION, YOU MUST LEAVE A COMMENT STATING YOUR FULL IGN BELOW 1st place: - New Master Builder Tag (Until the winner of the next competition, it will be passed along) - 500k - Super Builders pick - Full Master Builder Kit - Head on the winners wall 2nd Place: - 300k - Pro builders pick - Full Master builder Kit - Head on the winners wall 3rd Place: - 100k - Full Master Builder kit - Head on the winners wall The competition will be hosted and judged by @ItsMissMarvel, @Smurfettejr & @Swiftgirl Best of luck to all! Update - after some discussion, it has been decided that more time will be given to build. The closing date is now 24/08
  8. ❖ Skyblock Giveaway ❖

    Hey guys, sorry for the late update but the winners of the giveaway are as follows: 1st - ThiccSoftyy 2nd - Sheepy 3rd - Xpite Well done guys and thankyou all for entering.
  9. ❖ Skyblock Giveaway ❖

    Best of luck to all who entered. Winners will be announced later on today.
  10. 》》Skyblock Update《《

    》》Skyblock Update《《 Hello everyone! A Lot has happened since the OG Dragon reset and we’re here to tell you what's been going on. . We got off to a rocky start with some features not working and/or having to be removed and for that the Skyblock team apologizes. Moving forward however, Skyblock is getting back on track to being awesome once again. So, what do we have? We have updated our donor kits and other kits! A lot of work went into the donor kits to make sure that you are getting value for your money. We hope that you are pleased. Skylords can now /Nick themselves again and even add a color if they wish - Don't abuse we will take the perm from the player. The crates are finished! The XP bottle command has returned! Simply do /xpbottle <amount> /Cook and /Sell hand have returned /fix and /Repair have been reinstated for Skylords and anyone who won the perk last season Auction house has returned! (/ah) Spawner upgrade level has now been decreased to a more reasonable amount (175xp) /withdraw has made a comeback For those who have have the master builder kit we have changed the chorus fruit to chorus flowers! Warps have finally been added to the Vipshop and Enchanting area, simply do /warp vip, /warp enchant1 & /warp enchant2 The block values have been changed, here is a list of blocks that are mostly used: Quarts block: 10 points per block = 10 blocks = 1 island level (caps at 50k) Diamond: 50 points per block = 2 blocks = 1 island level (caps at 20k) Emerald: 50 points per block = 2 blocks = 1 island level (caps at 20k) Gold: 25 points per block = 4 blocks = 1 island level (caps at 30k) Iron: 10 points per block = 10 blocks = 1 island level (caps at 50k) Redstone: 5 points per block = 20 blocks = 1 island level (caps at 40k) Coal: 5 points per block = 20 blocks = 1 island level (caps at 40k) Lapis: 5 points per block = 20 blocks = 1 island level (caps at 40k) Stone brick: 2 points per block = 50 block = 1 island level (no caps) Nether brick: 10 points per block = 10 block = 1 island level (caps at 50k) Obsidian: 10 points per block = 10 blocks = 1 island level (caps at 50k) Unfortunately some features had to be removed as they were causing too many issues on the server. These features include MCMMO and MOB BOSSES. There is still work to be done and we can assure you that @kuzbear and his Skyblock staff team are working really hard to bring you more fantastic features and fun. We are currently working on a number of events and features and we would like to thank you for the patience you have given us to do this. Finally we have seen how many suggestions you have given us and we really appreciate it. Please don't be disheartened if your suggestion isn't taken on, keep them coming! Thanks for reading guys! Saber
  11. ❖ Skyblock Giveaway ❖

    IGN: Yulio
  12. ❖ Skyblock Giveaway ❖

    IGN: Kaillyly
  13. ❖ Skyblock Giveaway ❖

    IGN: BunnyBrie
  14. ❖ Skyblock Giveaway ❖

    ❖ Skyblock Giveaway ❖ Hello all! We would like to do a small giveaway for the players of Aliacraft. It will be hosted on Skyblock but everyone is welcome to join! Prizes are as following: 1st place: Skylord rank voucher, $10 buycraft voucher + Exotic key 2nd place: Vip rank voucher, legendary key + 500k 3rd place: Rare key + 500k To enter the giveaway simply comment down below and you will be entered into the giveaway! The winners will be announced on: Friday 20th July Best of luck to you all! Saber & H0pes Please note any rude/inappropriate comments will be removed and you will not be entered into the event