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  1. Mitchka did they change the rules? I thought you were allowed to use for killing mobs at your plot etc but not in PvP.
  2. Scamming is allowed
  3. Therefore*
  4. Gavote why wer you banned?

  5. im sorry  about your ban gav I wish you could still play prison <3

    1. Gavote0308


      meh, never played it anyway 

    2. This guy

      This guy

      Why was gavote banned

  6. 1) What Is Your IGN: Same as my forum name 2) Who banned you and from what server (Creative, Factions, Kitpvp, Prison, Sky Block, Survival, Teamspeak) : Mitchka 3) How long is your ban: Perm 4) When were you banned (date): Tomorrow 5) Why were you banned (reason on the notice): Trolling 6) Are you guilty: No 7) Do you have any proof that you are not guilty (please provide the proof): Well obviously not 8) Why do you think you should be unbanned, what makes you privileged over other players banned for the same reason: Well I troll a bit between @Porkehh and @ThatGirlCaitlinf for banter but staff take it personally, Then i get false jailed and muted and appeal it and they ban me because They know that they were in the wrong. 9) Provide a screenshot of the ban notice. Upload to imugur or gyazo and post a link: http://imgur.com/a/KX7EB
  7. Here is the proof that I did not break any rules but someone took it upon themselves to jail me. They jailed me because there was a mini game on and I always win and they false jailed me so they could win. @Ollieed @Ben @G1ZM0T0 @Mitchka @SIF11 http://imgur.com/a/LFlxk
  8. @Mitchka can you close the other two thread created and deal with this You're online so ima tag ye
  9. Hi ultimo
  10. good luck everyone
  11. 1) okei 2) Toxic is being fun until you get banned 3) She hates me lel 4) I like the way we are typing in bullet points
  12. there are currently staff applications for kitpvp open. Go to that section of the forum and fill one out gl
  13. 1) Can you find out how long for? As she hates me it is probably like a month or perm. 2) Some reasons i left where on my own accord, however there were other reason that i had to leave for that were not up to me. 3) kk
  14. First of all, thanks for not closing the post so I can respond. 1) How long is a moderation? 2) I had reasons for leaving staff 3) Whether or not i stay 'toxic' or not depends on how long the moderation is.
  15. Also how long is my moderation for?