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  1. Cheater

    You should be able to add reactions, disagree, like, etc. Cause I disagree with ^. You don't know minecraft mechanics so shouldn't comment on them
  2. Cheater

    Server has a hard cap of 6blocks, meaning 4blocking you throughout the fight is nothing wrong with that, it's called getting a combo. There's no hacking in this clip.
  3. 2017 US Solar Eclipse

    Much wow
  4. Lost my prison cell

    Ruairi I spawned in my cell, trued opening chests and have not left it yet. I am still in the chest which should still be mine. They now have all my items.
  5. Lost my prison cell

    Ah right, thanks for the help though. Not much I can do on the server now, lost everything. <3 <3
  6. Lost my prison cell

    @Mitchka @Ben
  7. Lost my prison cell

    Well, should have
  8. Lost my prison cell

    Yeah I know about that but I had a day left
  9. Lost my prison cell

    Nah someone else owns the cell for 5 more days. And no tags are working but I renewed it before. I should still have ownership. All my items are gone.
  10. Lost my prison cell

    Lost my prison cell, I had it renewed for another few days and I spawned in it saying I don't have access to open my chests. This is the normal prison, not prison 2 or 3. @Mitchka All of my rares, and all of my items are in there. Can you please help me sort it out?
  11. 1,000th Post!!!

    lmao same :^)
  12. Rank Prices decreased in the new OG Prison

    Ah right, I never saw you say it sorry to bother you lol <3 Take your time, as long as they come out then I am happy!!!
  13. Rank Prices decreased in the new OG Prison

    Either increase the ranks or give ranks more benefits. Ruby and Emeralds are more or less pointless, Diamond is most worth right now Can we be expecting those Ruby mines coming back at any time in the future Mitchka? :^)
  14. didnt get my money

    Got any proof
  15. Bring Arcade Back! #Arcade2017

    lool Arcade was bae, started staff on there and was there for over a year #BringArcadeback