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  3. I don't have it, sorry bud! I just play COD Modern Warfare remaster and BO2 zombies on PS4.
  4. One can only hope `more layers would join
  5. You can download the second one off the internet For the first one they might bring it back
  6. @Mitchka are you able to help me?
  7. Should I apply? lol
  8. Hai

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      3 noot nootifications ;( Why you do dis

  9. Gl peeps huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue I was a KitPvP helper back in the day
  10. I understand about the plot, just sucks that I spent all that money I worked for IRL at my job. All gone to waste I saved the nukes as a rare item cause I didn't need them lol I was max level Thanks anyway I guess. I'll be on TS maybe later tonight? I'll also need the perms for my channel 'Gavote's Kingdom of Solitude' if it is still there lol. You can close this thread.
  11. Nova why are you not Admin yet?
  12. lmao Thanks for the support Pooks
  13. Alright, I got two things I need to ask. Firstly, can I get verified on TS now @Ben ? And get my Enderdragon rank back? Secondly, may I get a rollback on my house for CLASSIC prison. I had so much gear that I bought from the shop / other players. It was worth over £500. I had stacks upon stacks of Nukes from the old prison. That was around £300 by itself. I don't want £500 to go to waste. Sure I have my rank and kits etc so that is not a waste. But what about the other £500?
  14. I would have but I lost my plot so
  15. Wow @Ruuairi you gave me a hear attack. It said 'Resigned, by Ruuari' I was like NO HE DIDN'T. Then realised you just got the last message lmao Pookieeeeeeee deserved Admin, not sure why they did't get it, you will be missed.