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  1. Cya bud
  2. LOL
  3. Well @Ruuairi bby. When I was mod on arcade, I made a scheduled return after exams and it worked mwahahha <3 Miss you
  4. Hi

    I won't apply this time lmao
  5. my moderation was lifted whooooop
  6. #bringbackfortune
  7. Ima try find one
  8. OMG I just googled what an end city was and I NEVER KNEW ABOUT THAT. THAT IS SOOOOO COOL.
  9. What is an end city? And prison does need updates #BringBackLaake Even thought he doesn't want to come back ;(
  10. what ever happened to pixelmon? or is that part of the new server Gizmo made?
  11. I'm not letting you change it, been like this since we we got T:Mod on Arcade together hahaha I remember my nickname for you <3 TameBiscuitDog LMAO please change it to that. I miss those days.
  12. But they are at spawn shop. If the enemy camps there then they cannot enter? Can't you disable it for spawn
  13. Figure I'll let you know the reason why your content never gets approved. You start off really well, then shoot yourself in the foot by saying something unpleasant, which no staff member would bother approving, not because it's bad, but because it ruins everything else you've said.

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    2. Dooley_labs


      I'll ask Ben why he rebanned you.

    3. Gavote0308


      Any news bud?

    4. Dooley_labs


      Still working on it.

  14. Gav

    1. IGN: Gavote0308 2. Banned by: @Mitchka 3. Ban duration: Perm 4. Ban date: 2017 - 03 - 08 5. Ban reason: Trolling 6. Ban Accurate: Not really, to an extent yes 7. Proof: No 8. Appeal: has there been any news on my last appeal? You guys have probably forgotten about it tbh. 9. Screenshot(s): My memory is full I can't do this, my bad.
  15. not rude in my opinion but kek ima go make another ban appeal haven't got an answer in like a week.