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  1. good luck everyone
  2. 1) okei 2) Toxic is being fun until you get banned 3) She hates me lel 4) I like the way we are typing in bullet points
  3. there are currently staff applications for kitpvp open. Go to that section of the forum and fill one out gl
  4. 1) Can you find out how long for? As she hates me it is probably like a month or perm. 2) Some reasons i left where on my own accord, however there were other reason that i had to leave for that were not up to me. 3) kk
  5. First of all, thanks for not closing the post so I can respond. 1) How long is a moderation? 2) I had reasons for leaving staff 3) Whether or not i stay 'toxic' or not depends on how long the moderation is.
  6. Also how long is my moderation for?
  7. Hello, I have been moderated for no reason. @LadyRosyG is just trying to get me banned as I am friends with @Catching_Blocks. She has moderated me for 'Abusive Behaivour'? I would like proof of this, I have made a ban appeal, was denied (fair enough) and then made a post on prison asking for proof of the ban. Nothing wrong, the post was closed so I made one last one just asking for proof. You provided the proof and I accept my ban. That's fair enough. However, as I said @LadyRosyG is trying to get me perm banned for the Newtork, she tried to get me demoted (Which she failed at cause I left) and now it trying to get me banned. PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE THIS UNTIL WE HAVE SETTLED THIS. @Ollieed @Mitchka @MrWarHawkk @Porkehh @ThatGirlCaitlinC
  8. gone

    Know what hasnt been resolved? My ban appeal.
  9. Firstly De ja Vu Secondly no proof i want proof. False ban. @Mitchka @Warhawk132 @Porkehh @ThatGirlCaitlinC
  10. @Mitchka @MrWarHawkk ? proof please?
  11. I appealed and was denied, but there is not proof of what i did? I am not appealing here just would like to see the proof? Or else it is a false ban. Please do not close the thread without submitting proof, Thanks. @Porkehh @ThatGirlCaitlinC
  12. This does not concern you, stop trying to work your way into staff, you gave me a death threat once and were banned before. #KnowTheTruth @ThatGirlCaitlinC @Porkehh @Mitchka
  13. Should prob tag @Mitchka too, p.s I love you
  14. Can you show me proof of what I did as I have done nothing? @Porkehh @ThatGirlCaitlinC
  15. Sorry i made a mistake in the following question: 4) When were you banned: I put 'Today' That was a mistake. new, correct answer - 4) When were you banned: Tomorrow