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  1. I understand about the plot, just sucks that I spent all that money I worked for IRL at my job. All gone to waste I saved the nukes as a rare item cause I didn't need them lol I was max level Thanks anyway I guess. I'll be on TS maybe later tonight? I'll also need the perms for my channel 'Gavote's Kingdom of Solitude' if it is still there lol. You can close this thread.
  2. Nova why are you not Admin yet?
  3. lmao Thanks for the support Pooks
  4. Alright, I got two things I need to ask. Firstly, can I get verified on TS now @Ben ? And get my Enderdragon rank back? Secondly, may I get a rollback on my house for CLASSIC prison. I had so much gear that I bought from the shop / other players. It was worth over £500. I had stacks upon stacks of Nukes from the old prison. That was around £300 by itself. I don't want £500 to go to waste. Sure I have my rank and kits etc so that is not a waste. But what about the other £500?
  5. I would have but I lost my plot so
  6. Wow @Ruuairi you gave me a hear attack. It said 'Resigned, by Ruuari' I was like NO HE DIDN'T. Then realised you just got the last message lmao Pookieeeeeeee deserved Admin, not sure why they did't get it, you will be missed.
  7. Bro, 100% well said. Could not have put that better myself, not much more to say haha. Although I am happy I left staff here, took that pressure off me Now I'm an Admin on SkyBounds
  8. Well, on the forums I have 900+ messages most of which are helping players... As for discord, the aliacraft discord is more or less a place for banter am I right? Literally no one uses it bar us 2, nacho and a few players - like 3 players. So that's banter bud...
  9. I know I know, I helped so many staff members even when I wasn't staff myself then I get perm banned lmfao. Love you too fam <3
  10. Thanks bud, just one more chance is all I ask lol
  11. What gave you the right to treat staff and players the way you did? I just trolled in chat, didn't do anything really bad tbh. Just stuff like bypassing the filter etc to get muted on purpose. And those who I pissed off I have since apologised. Where on buycraft did it say the more you donate the more you can disrespect people? it does not, this proves that I was / possible still am a loyal player, depending how this turns out. When you were brought on as staff who told you that you may become as toxic as you like after you aren't staff anymore? I was messing round with Catching and other mates mostly, and things just got out of hand. As far as getting me a rank (upgrading my rank) i don't recall asking you to and remember saying no that it wasn't necessary Did it out of the goodness of my heart. And you weren't the only one to help with the Aria projects and were told that you would get mentioned which you were. Shows I / Was am loyal Yes I unbanned you as I felt you deserved a second chance to prove yourself but I was overruled by a Global and I'm not going to argue with him I understand that, but i did not break the rules once when I was unbanned Maybe being all those things you should have set a better example of how to act As I said, it got out of hand. I will stop, as evident in my small unban. Most hackers learn from their first offense and don't hack again and if they do they know it will be a perm ban I was never banned for trolling, a small ban and I would have stopped. As evident in the small unban. I did not troll when I cam back.
  12. ily2
  13. Right, let's get into this. Hacking is a 30day ban right? Whereas Troling is now a perm ban... nice work there. Let's just list a couple of things I have done for the server; - Spent well over £1,000, buying ranks for other players such as @Mitchka as well as items for myself. - Was Mod on Arcade for a year - Helper on Prison for 4months - Helper on KitPvP for 1month - Helped with the events for prison, halloween event etc - Been playing since the VERY start - One of the most OG players here, and one of the top donators, if not the top. - Helped AriaCreations with the following TimeLapse, After all of this I get perm banned, nice job. I was unbanned for like 30minutes and did not troll at all, @Mitchka can confirm. @Ben I have apologised to all of the staff I trolled, and we are good now @TomTom @LadyRosyG. So can I not just get one chance?
  14. lmao @TomTom remember my first day as non-staff, I scammed someone hahahahahahahahahahahaha infinity
  15. @Ben My recent appeal was not denied, you said you would think about it. Never got a response <3