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  1. Funny >_>
  2. @LadyRosyG GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I would have rathered you get it out of them all as well :^)
  3. Who's the Prison admins?
  4. This is my 1,000th post wooooooooo
  5. lel clickbait ftw Anyway, who is the new SrAdmin
  6. That's if you break too many blocks too quickly it doesn't register it MineCraft, so in the player's perspective there is no block there but in Minecraft's it is there so you cannot walk on it / go through it etc it lags you back, or if you jump on it it gets you stuck. You'll have to go around or /spawn to get out of it.
  7. Spread the love <3
  8. o/
  9. The first video wasn't why you were banned, it didn't have any proof. Coolguy said that there was another video, if someone could link it below?
  10. @Ben @Mitchka
  11. That is not Kill Aura. Kill aura allows a user to attack entities around them with complete accuracy. As you can see the player does not have complete accuracy and gets combos on you. Not hacking.
  12. Shouldn't this be moved to the Ban Appeal section?
  13. When you load your MineCraft Launcher, you can change the version. Before opening the game, where it says your username in the green box, there is an up arrow to the right, click on it and a list of versions should appear. You can then choose which version you want. I'm sure the Developers will update to include 1.12 when they feel the server is stable.
  14. That's fair enough bud. I meant randes as staff on prison I never heard of before, didn't have a clue where they came from <3 You can close this thread. Thank you for your input <3
  15. 'Mitchka didn't take your side of things'


    Well when I show her proof of staff using Illegal clients of which anyone else would get banned, she didn't care. She favours staff, at least some people can see it. 

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    2. Gavote0308


      Mitchka told that and something else was not allowed. I would rather talk to Ollieed not you about this.  If you had it then that proves my point. 

    3. LadyRosyG


      You also really need to learn how to respect people, you always say 'I'd rather talk to __ instead of you'. Why are you so important that you get to speak to people like that and bypass other staff. Seriously grow up