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  1. Hey!

    Thanksss everyone
  2. Hey!

    Thanks guys :>
  3. KitPvP Staff TeamSpeak Interviews

    Good luck to everyone applying
  4. Hey!

    Thanks Kg & McMaster <3
  5. Hey!

    Hey everyone, my names CyanzZ & I'm a new helper for Creative. I love building and helping players out so if anyone requires any assistance just give me a message or come on Creative where i'll be on most of the time, happy to lend a hand & am always happy to make new friends, hope to see you all around!
  6. Can't connect to the server?

    Ah, can only staff connect?
  7. Can't connect to the server?

    Try direct connect it works bit better.
  8. Can't connect to the server?

    Try joining now it seems to be working.
  9. Can't connect to the server?

    I believe there's currently some form of a connection issue for most players, I haven't been able to join either; I'll see if any staff know why this is.
  10. Christmas Giveaway On Prison!

    Good luck to everyone who's entering!
  11. UltimoAxe needs to be demoted

    Saying "That's gay" is/can be classed as a Derogatory Remark, which is indeed a 4 hour mute; thus he wasn't doing anything wrong, at the end of the day it's nothing personal, he's just doing his job.
  12. Bring Arcade Back! #Arcade2017

    @NachtRaben @Dooley_labs Could this be a possibility? or will that remain a secret? (Read above) #PrayForArcade #Arcade2017 PS - Not sure if I'm supposed to tag higher end staff in general discussions, Apologies if not.
  13. Bring Arcade Back! #Arcade2017

    #PrayForArcade #Arcade2017
  14. Hello there! - With Ali-A back playing, the servers population will rise greatly as most of you have already noticed the player increase, this will mean the server will have enough funds to support more sub-servers (Survival, Prison, Factions, Skyblock etc) Back in the day, Arcade was a big thing and it was well enjoyed by the community, seeing as Ali-A is back to playing on the server again this will most likely mean that people who are watching his newest prison series might see his Arcade videos aswell, and seeing as the server will have more funds, why not bring the 'OG' sub-server back, I'm sure it'll encourage many more players to join, increase the amount of funds you'll earn via Ranks etc and in general it'll be a great re-addition to the server, it'll be fun and it'll bring the old 'shine' back! Think about the possibilities; you guys and gals could introduce Survival Games and the popular Skywars game back to the server, which will in theory futhermore increase the popularity of the server, which is great for the community and for the server it's self, and I'm sure plenty of others will agree that Arcade was great fun when more players played and seeing as that's the case at the moment.. I'm sure it'll help the server grow furthermore. - It could include many game modes, adding more variety to the server; more gamemodes such as (Suggestions) - Survival Games/Hunger Games. Skywars. Parkour. Walls (Walls between 4 different team spawn points, you have a few minuites to prepare, gather iron etc.. and eventually see which team will survive!) One in the Chamber (You have a bow and you have a 'melee' weapon, the melee weapon will serve as a backup and the main weapon will be your bow, you start off with 1 arrow; arrows one-hit players and each time you gain a kill you earn back an arrow, whoever has the most kills at the end of the game wins.) Block Hunt. - And many more! Not only will the server earn a new sub-server but it will also gain new players, more funds and some great new additions to the staff team! More staff, a better and more well maintained server. Thank you for taking your time out to read this and I hope that you'll consider this suggestion. #Arcade2017 - CyqnzZ