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  1. ❖ Skyblock Giveaway ❖

    IGN: WarriorASJ worth a try lol
  2. Map Ideas?

    Really you're working on spawn and warzone? It'd be better to use that time working on actual factions functions making it better than the fu**i*g spawn/warzone... But if u really want ideas then maybe work on a wasteland warzone or like the no mans land in the war since factions is based off the military and maybe for the spawn make it an industrial army base
  3. Congratulations!

    Wow after so long of 'hard work' developing factions spreading the word that it's going to be the best or it's being fixed etc you managed to mess up the server even more! That's incredible.. I didn't think it was possible but you guys proved me wrong! I was even overconfident with this new factions... Incredible work guys
  4. Huge Giveaway!

    If i won i would've played prison again
  5. Huge Giveaway!

    IGN: WarriorASJ gl all
  6. Server News

    RIP Atleast i didn't start my novice plot then
  7. Giveaway!

  8. Given up hope..

    This guy understands @MrWarHawkk
  9. I have a question

    O ok
  10. I have a question

    I logged out in combat when factions was up will I lose my stuff? D:
  11. Given up hope..

    @Xtog I play another server but it doesn't feel the same since i bought most of my ranks and stuff on aliacraft. I also had friends to talk to and people I knew well, aliacraft holds memories for me
  12. Given up hope..

    Yeh but when will it be back up? @KingUltimo @Rob
  13. Given up hope..

    Why do i get the feeling that you don't want it to be back online? It doesn't take an idiot to realise that factions isn't coming back online any time soon you might aswell wait until halloween to do another giveaway and then wait till it's christmas to do ANOTHER giveaway and get everyone hyped up for factions thinking it's going to come back online then keep on repeating the same cycle over and over... All i'm going to say is hurry the F up otherwise i doubt anyone is actually going to care about factions.. @Rob
  14. Given up hope..

    Yes i know i'm making another post on this but i've given up hope of factions coming back up so i'm just gonna say that i don't care if this is annoying tbh
  15. This is getting annoying

    Ok thanks