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    1. Mitchka


      You have not filled out a proper ban appeal form that is where you appeal not on a profile page. follow the instructions please so you can get  help faster. And just because you appeal  doesn't mean you will get unbanned it means you get to say your side of the story. 

  2. ENDER_PRO99 I was banned for no reason please believe me.

    1. Bowseritis673


      If you unbanned me I would be happy please talk to JakoTheSheep

      He thinks he banned me for a reason but he didn't


    2. ENDER_PRO99


      My profile page isn't the place to appeal. Please make a proper ban appeal in the ban appeals section using the correct format.

  3. Ive tried to tell them but they wont believe me I was banned by JakoTheSheep I told them everything


    1. Mitchka
    2. Mitchka


      make  an appael  this is my profile page  not a ban appeal page

  4. hi Jako I did not know that you would be banned for making a new account I banned my other account on purpose. I did nothing wrong Bowseritis673 so I did not avoid my ban i was on Bowseritis673 before I got banned from DiamondHer1/

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    2. JakoTheSheep


      You were banned on one of your accounts, and you used another one, which is ban evading, you will not be unbanned.

      Thanks, Jako.

    3. Bowseritis673


      Come on Why I was falsely banned Because of you

    4. JakoTheSheep


      You were not falsely banned, ban evading is not permitted on AliACraft, you will not be unbanned.

      Thanks, Jako.