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  1. Huge Giveaway!

    my g, accused me for gap hitting in a 1v1 but I'll let it slideee, on a real tho, enter me fam, ign aint changing anytime soon
  2. Thread to get Ali-A back!

    he already started a new prison series but that didn't last very long lol
  3. Thread to get Ali-A back!

    It's a good try but i doubt he'll join back, he is getting millions of views from fortnite so why would he record videos to only get 200k views? meh his loss
  4. Still here? You're loyal to Aliacraft, I must say..

    1. JamesySmithy


      lol its only bc i have ruby rank :D


  5. Koth Winner Index + Proof

    time to get slaughtered just after winning -.-
  6. AMAZING Christmas Giveaway!

    ign : JamesySmithy
  7. I have a question

    if you become staff jeez you're in hell
  8. Mending needs to be removed!

    lol ive given up with mc now
  9. Mending needs to be removed!

    proves you're bad if you use mending lol.
  10. Parrots and Pigs

    i like how they get animals, i ask for a head get a straight no LOL
  11. Pvp community

  12. Pvp community

    lol if you weren't staff and played prison you'd know.
  13. this is cool

    ok whatever lolz
  14. this is cool

    lol ill just use it, not as if its like reach or anything, it's silly tbh