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  1. Post Hidden Again?

  2. Post Hidden Again?

    this is quality ahah, not a clue what he's on about
  3. Post Hidden Again?

    lol this guyyy, they're sticking up for him bc he's ex staff dw, he'll be gone soon
  4. Post Hidden Again?

    lol ninja was you the guy who had clients? lmaoo
  5. Post Hidden Again?

    if he'd been told the reason why would he make another thread smh, corrupt isn't even the word
  6. Still here? You're loyal to Aliacraft, I must say..

    1. JamesySmithy


      lol its only bc i have ruby rank :D


  7. Koth Winner Index + Proof

    time to get slaughtered just after winning -.-
  8. Ah still broken...

    cant even fix an easy issue it happened to me months ago lol
  9. AMAZING Christmas Giveaway!

    ign : JamesySmithy
  10. I have a question

    if you become staff jeez you're in hell
  11. Mending needs to be removed!

    lol ive given up with mc now
  12. Mending needs to be removed!

    proves you're bad if you use mending lol.
  13. Parrots and Pigs

    i like how they get animals, i ask for a head get a straight no LOL
  14. Pvp community