i gotting banned for "hacking" by mitchka

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1. IGN:JJJAccdingDance

2. Banned by:mitchka

3. Ban duration:6 days and 23 hours,49 minutes

4. Ban date:31.12.18

5. Ban reason:Hacking

6. Ban Accurate:i m and a player named chopster,here help me to farm mobs and from the mobs i gotting xp.he give me a tipp that i should change my hit (right mouse click) into space and then i do that then mitchka banning me for the reason hacking i dont know what is that i dont hack at that moment

im just farm with my space bar thats not forbidden i read  the rule and not finde anyway

7. Proof:the proof i is choppster he can say u guys that he give me only tips not anyway

8. Appeal:i dont know what that is.

9. Screenshot(s):i have only that screenshot 

alia bann .png

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no  he was telling you how change the  settings on a hack client and never said to change it to the space bar. I will consult the other ops on the video i have and take action accordingly.

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