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Thought I'd put it here so people can actually respond of they want to :)


You would think if a rule is changed it would be instantly updated in game and on forums so that players know what they can and can't do... But either way, the almighty and all seeing silent and his cronies have banned the player base anyway... Also, where did I not use common sense @Mitchka? Silent has a grudge against me because he was humiliated infront of everyone in the public meeting because he decided to personally attack me and multiple other people in the meeting because we didn't see eye to eye on things. (multiple things that the players would like to see happen and things that would like to be brought back) but because silent is always right and he's got a few other staff members and a couple of people too scared to say anything to hit, there's nothing being done that players ask for... Before anyone asks "why is he being like this?". I started being like this because I was sick to death with the staff members always belittling people and talking to them like they're something they just stood in... You claim to have a family friendly server yet when behind closed doors you slag every player off on the server, every staff member has seen it but only the resigned staff are saying something because they also are fed up with the way things are on here, some may not feel this way but I guarentee that many do, probably 80+%... The players have seen this too and when reported the staff lick eachothers back sides to defend each other... I mean even when people WERE staff they would get slagged off and their positions threatened for saying something back... There's been multiple times where I've reported staff members and players alike and had my staff position threatened when even other staff members agreed I did nothing wrong, all this really was for is to say, you guys have this all backwards and need to change, stary making the server FAIR for EVERYONE, start actually listening to players and for god sake stop slagging the players off...

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