☀ Skyblock Summer Building Competition ☀

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Skyblock Summer Building Competition 

Hey everyone!


Get your building pants on because another building comp has come around for you to guys participate in if you want to


Previously we have had a Christmas, Halloween, & Valentines theme this time around we have themed it Summer. This building competition will go from 2/08 - 24/08 at no particular time. The top 3 winners voted by judges will receive BIG prizes (The prizes are shown below). It will be great if you participate even if you think you aren’t great at building, just give it a go and most importantly have fun!
1st place:
New Master Builder Tag (Until the winner of the next competition, it will be passed along)
- 500k
- Super Builders pick
- Full Master Builder Kit
- Head on the winners wall

2nd Place:
- 300k
- Pro builders pick
- Full Master builder Kit
- Head on the winners wall

3rd Place:
- 100k
- Full Master Builder kit
- Head on the winners wall



The competition will be hosted and judged by @ItsMissMarvel, @Smurfettejr & @Swiftgirl

Best of luck to all!


Update - after some discussion, it has been decided that more time will be given to build.  The closing date is now 24/08

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Am I banned from entering and or can I have the tag anyway ♥️ aaannnd do I get infinite resources to do it?

Edited by LithGuru
I did a dumb

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Ign: You know me ;) LithGuru

Though, I may need a seperate plot of land from my island, because its basically full and I need space to build my stuff.

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Hey guys,
First if all, thankyou to everyone who entered the summer building competition. There were some interesting builds, well done to all. Though  a difficult task, the judges have decided that the winners of the competition are as follows 
1st Lumberjack__  
2nd Mattstar67
3rd _JackGV 

Keep an eye out for the next one guys. 

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