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Hello Skyblockers!



On mine and Gamma's return to the staff team, we will hosting a competition in which you can choose what to build, we shall give you 2 options!


Now you are probably asking, what are these themes?

You will be building big skin models of myself OR Gamma
- If you build XDav1d you will have Gamma123 judging the build!

- If you build Gamma123 you will have XDav1d judging the build!

What will happen if you win?

If you win you will get the prizes listed below! 
2 People will be picked from each category to go through to a head to head final! We compare the skins of BOTH people and then we crown the overall winner!



Overall winner - 400k in game + 64 diamond blocks and a custom winners item. 
Finalist - 250k in game + 32 diamond blocks

How do we know you are entering?
If you are entering this awesome comp, please leave a like on this post and comment down below your IGN! 




The deadline will be 30th June 2018! And we will probably announce winners 5th July 2018!

Good Luck to you all and may the odds be in your favour!

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