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thought id bring this back (;

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- my name is brizzy, (but not really) and i used to be a skyblock admin, but then i left for a year, and now im a mod (big oof.)

- My birthday is on March 1st and justin bieber and i are birthday twins

- i have two lovely kitties named molly and munchkin:

- I love pineapple pizza, thunderstorms, baking, my cats, mint oreos, cinnabon cinnamon bun k-cups, the word "malarkey", sunflowers, and a good tomato soup.

I  h a t e  being late to things, crowds, marmite, running out of hot water when im taking a shower and im covered in bubbles and shampoo, yellow snow, and calling the pizza place when i want pizza.

- I also draw and play guitar so thats fun 

- skyblock is also my server of choice (and its also the best one)

- i also dye my hair all the time and its bad i know


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