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Summer break is here now for most of us and we all look forward to the increase in player count. This will bring more events for the players and hopefully new faces on the server. Factions is almost ready for launch and Survival is doing well. Skyblock still has a few bugs to work out, but DaddyDrkAngel  will be working on them. Prison's revamp is coming along nicely with several quests being worked on and the crates are still functioning well. Once we get  the main quests established we will come to you, the players, for more ideas and suggestions. 


The Community Meeting is on June 3 3:30 EST, 2:30 CST 8:30 BST (google for your timezone) on Discord in the Community Meeting voice channel.  Please come prepared with any questions and we will do our best at answering them.  Remember  the rules as stated in the last meeting and listed here


There is a Summer Sale going on  40% off everything in the store so go check things out!  There will be a NEW SummerTime  kit  available soon with many items in it. 


We also want to give a great big WELCOME BACK TO DaddyDrkAngel to the OP team!!


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