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In hindsight I realised how click-baiting this title is with the closure of Creative & KitPvP... 


Pushing that aside again it is I LadyRosyG back again with yet another forums post. 


Admittedly Prison has been awwffulllyyy quiet recently and while it is upsetting there is always light at the end of the tunnel. 


So where to from here? I am so excited to announce without giving away any details that there are BIG plans for Prison. 


I am not going to disclose right here right now what these plans are because that'll ruin the fun. 


So why this redundant thread?!


The reason I feel the need to tell you that there are plans is to ask that current prison players understand that we will NOT be adding any new features or fixing any tiny tiny issues at this point in time. 


I thank you all for sticking with us. Please keep your eyes on this forums post to find out what the plans are when they're ready to come into the spotlight. 


Until next time! 


- LadyRosyG 

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