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Survival Give Away




Welcome To the OG survival 0.7 reset!  Now... I know that some people are struggling to get started with some of the more fortunate items So I Decided to Give away 3 Prizes 1st, 2nd And 3rd 





1st place Prize Will receive : 


100k in Cash Note 

 2 Vindicator Spawners 

 2 blaze spawners 

 16 gaps 

100 Spawner shards




2nd place will receive"



1 Vindicator Spawner

1 Blaze Spawner

8 Gaps 

and a Creeper pet 



3rd Place will receive :



3 cave spider spawners

6 Gaps

And Zues Pickaxe and sword 







To enter put your full IGN and Try to make me laugh.



But the winners will be drawn with a  random selector!!!



Winners Will be Revealed On Sunday The 18th of Match !!!!!





















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