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Survival Issues?

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As much as i enjoy having a new world to enjoy... i don't particularly like how things are going atm


As this was my first reset i had no idea we needed proof for Gkits and Jelly legs...

(so i lost mob kit and jelly legs)

I don't really care about my trails.. but still... i also lost my trails


Most staff are saying i needed proof, but i had no idea that i needed it... its too late now... i also was really far behind because it took so long to get mine back for some reason... it only took people one hour to get theirs back... it took me six... 


Due to me being so far behind, (and the fact that for some reason EVERYBODY hates me.) i was instantly a target... so far i had my own home that i couldn't claim taken away from me and have been killed many times.. please if you get a chance try to fix my Gkit / Jl


(Also a friend told me that Athena Was meant to get ranked up to Hera or Hades but idk for sure.. did i get ranked up wrong?)


Ty For Your Time



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