Hi, Phoenix here,
So, I’m sure you’ve all realised by now, that Skyblock has been in a bit of a bad shape. But, here’s the good news; with our reset, we are adding a few new features into Skyblock, as well as bringing back some older features that have been missing from Skyblock for a long time!

Here are some of the new, or re-added features you can look forward to seeing!   The OG Spawn/Crates/Parkour/Quests Obviously, you knew about this from the announcement, but our OG spawn comes with an explained cobble gen, for those who may struggle, and a crates area on top of the dragon. The crates will be slightly different this time round! By reset, we will have a parkour area in spawn, along with a new quests warp. Quests will be added throughout our skyblock journey!
    PVP arena Yes! You read that right! We have a HUGE PVP arena where you can battle against other players in-game, with 1.8 PVP!   Updated Shop! And VIP Shop! We have more items in our new shop, including concrete powder and various nether blocks! And a DRAGON! There are two farm warps connected to the shop, so you can walk there, or warp there!
A brand new VIP shop! You guys missed it, we added it! You must be a donor to access this part of the shop! All you need to do to buy/sell from the shop is click on the item frame of an item you’d like to buy or sell, and click one of the options! You can buy/sell by 1, by 32, by 64, OR a full inventory!   Mob Arena We have a whole new arena for you to fight waves of mobs! Waves get harder as you go through the rounds!   Infernal Mobs You guys remember the plugin we had for bosses? Yup, bosses are coming back!! With added difficulty levels this time!   NEW Spawners! We are adding a TON of new spawners into /spawnershop! Thanks to all the new mobs that have been added into Minecraft! Some new mobs will be added into our greenhouses too, for added enjoyment!   Did you win your rank? Or win a Gkit? Please fill out this document appropriately:   Here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdy1A6n_-O-RXLxtA6Q5c1jfXUOm8Kb22jd5ZTVd5U9X5I6Sw/viewform   That’s all for now!!