The much awaited Survival reset is here and here is a taste of the brand new features it packs!   Familiar to some, all new to others; Survival V7 brings back the very first survival spawn which is sure to invoke nostalgia for those who remember it, and wonder for those who have not.     That's not it for the new warps, though! Warp Staff and Warp PvP are among just some of the brand new warps in Survival V7!     Not only that, the PvP mechanics have been tweaked and improved to provide you an even more responsive and enjoyable combat experience!   One of the most significant changes with Survival V7 is the complete overhaul of the donation system! The once 12 ranks have been halved, with Ares, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon and Zeus being the remaining ranks in order from least expensive to very best. Don't worry, however, your ranks from previous donations will be restored with the most applicable rank to be given to you! Furthermore, just some of the new donor perks include a better-than-ever VIP area, pets, and trails!     These are just some of the updates and tweaks we've made and we hope they wet your appetite to play on the latest rendition of survival! There's more features than we could possibly fit in this forums post, so hop on survival and experience the many other new features that are coming very soon!