Hello fellow Prisoners, it is me LadyRosyG back again with another Prison Related Forums post.   As you know (or should know), every server on AliaCraft is undergoing the OG Dragon Reset, basically EVERY single gamemode is going back to their OG days. If you've seen the pinned post on the front of the forums, you may be wondering 'Wait, why isn't Prison resetting?!' Let me put to rest any rumours as to why we're not resetting and also update you on the plans we have for prison     Why aren't you resetting?
The map for prison is already OG, that was the main selling factor when we reset in July 2017, the map hasn't changed aside from some small renovations. Furthermore, in the duping scandal of 2017, we already underwent a mild reset clearing ppl's balances and inventories, it wasn't taken well (understandably) and it's not good for anyone to do it again! Bear in mind that only 1 person is P10, not 3/4 of the server as with Prison 2.0 (remember when there was like 400 P10 Z ranks?).    But so much has changed it's not even OG anymore! Just RESET!!!! 
Yes that is true a lot of changed, but you need to remember that just because something is OG doesn't mean it's perfect straight away, every feature hand crafted by yours truly and the OP team was done to BENEFIT prison, not harm it. Let's be real here if you don't add anything new you'd be over prison very quickly. Remember change is good  .    So you guys are ignoring Prison then? Just because we aren't resetting doesn't mean the OPs turned a cold shoulder to prison. Myself and the OPs have thought about what we wanted to finish/plan prior to the Dragon Reset. Remember to keep your eye on my little updates thread so that you get the 411 of what's happening on Prison 24/7 (I try to keep it updated).    So, without further delay though Ladies and Gentlemen, probably the MOST exciting addition to Prison with this full frontal Aliacraft Reset is.... (drumroll pls)       SAPPHIRE RANK!!!!   As you know, the OPs and myself have been working on Sapphire Rank for a very very long time because you guys deserve a well put together rank. If you're wondering why we took so long, Mr Alia wasn't supposed to announce Sapphire, it was no where near ready when he told ya'll about it...
So what's New with Sapphire? As per with all the other donor ranks, you have trusty /hat to place any block on your head as your 2018 W/S Head-Gear, the ability to type [item], access to /ec and /craft and ofc white text. 
As with Ruby Rank, Sapphire also has /feed (no more going hungry in PvP!)  BUT 
Unlike all the other ranks, you can access ALL DA KITS below you!!!  But being the top of line Sapphire Rank, you get these awesome new perks:
/FLY (in your cell only, no flying in PvP!) 
Insta TP (but you still need to be out of combat)
/pot (to stack your potions)
The ability to have FREE repairs with /fix (every 4 hours) and /repair all (every 8 hours).  A fancy smancy new cell (3 stories might I add) with awesome storage (20 dubs so to speak) (and also the chance to be Mr Alia's New Neighbour  )
Awesome new farming and mining area. 
A wonderful, top of the line Sapphire Kit (that may or may not be P6!) 
The coolest/shiniest tab name (also in colour) you've ever seen!    DISCLAIMER:
Before you complain that Sapphire is treated 'unfairly' and it seems P2W, bear in mind that each of the other donor ranks are special and unique in their own way! (hello DRA is AWESOME!) Please please remember that Sapphire is going to be quite a pricey rank, it's important that we were methodical and fair in giving Sapphire Ranks the perks they deserve.    This is not all we're working on, there are many new ideas in the works and I'm excited to announce them to you all when they're ready! Thank you guys so much for sticking with Prison. On behalf of myself, the entire prison team, the OPs and everyone in-between, we've loved having you on Prison and hope you'll stick around as we work to think of new features that'll optimise your gaming experience.  Until next time xx