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Since 2014, thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people have joined Creative to build, role-play and see creativity unfold. Today, I am ever so shocked and upset to announce the news that in the coming week we’ll be discontinuing the fantastic, server we all know and love, Creative.

We value you, your builds, and are going to do this the right way. You (MAY) be able to access and download your builds. We’ll be keeping the server online until Saturday May 27th.

Thank you. Thank you. To all the players out there — thank you for taking your time to play on this server. To the many players  over the years who made this what it was — thank you for your contributions. And of course, thank you to all of those who came and enjoyed the game with us, the staff team everyday.

What’s next? We’ll be working closely with the Operators and staff to make sure your questions are answered and will work hard to do this the right way. We’ll be sharing more details on this forum and will update you on the situation.

Is it forever?
Yes, at the moment creative is down permanently.

What will happen to the staff?
They will be offered the choice to move to their desired alternate server and will keep their assigned ranks.

Why is this happening?
A (very) brief reason is insufficient funds to keep the server up and running and allocating adequate funds to the other servers on the Network.

Will it come back?
Possibly in the future. If we get funding from Ali-A himself, and he is happy with the decision of bringing creative back, we will work relentlessly to bring it back.

I only like creative, what do I do now?
You can stick around because as long as I, Ruairí will be around for, I will be urging the Operators for the revival of the beloved creative server when possible. But the likelihood of that happening isn't very big. Anyways, we have 6 other servers on the network that you are bound to fall in love with; KitPvP, Factions, Survival, SkyBlock and Prison

I might lose contact with my friends! What will I do? :(
Just contact Ruairi via Direct Message, here, on forums with your Skype username and he will add you to a big group chat with all the creative community. Note: it will be under administration and one may get kicked out if one is disrespectful.

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Noooo!!! I'm going to miss creative! So sad to see that it's getting shut down... I had so many great memories playing on creative with staff and players. Including with @Ruuairi :( 

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I think its fair to say that we'll all miss creative. Having been an Admin for a few months previously I can say that even back in 2015 it was uncertain as to whether creative would be staying much longer, and I'm very thankful it stayed for as long as it did. We can all be grateful for that, and you have yourselves and anyone else who has played creative in the past few years to thank for that.


Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed the many many hours I've spent on this server with my friends, the staff team and the rest of the absolutely fantastic community we've pulled together. So thanks to everyone for that, and I have hope it could come back someday.


Until then, stick around, we'll all still be here :^)


P.S: You should all totally join that skype chat

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5 hours ago, Ruuairi said:

we have 6 other servers on the network that you are bound to fall in love with; KitPvP, Factions, Survival, SkyBlock and Prison


You forgot Arcade! ;) 

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It is very sad to see creative go, but I am forever grateful that it was here for as long as it was. I actually made a massive maze there (I couldn't actually find my way) and remember challenging my friends to see who could get to the middle first (nobody ever made it). Thank you for all the creative staff that have worked long and hard for creative, and I hope (fingers crossed) creative will be back on the future! 

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So sad to see Creative, I was Creative staff for probably a year in total, Creative will be missed and will be missed by many, Creative will also remain my home server. 


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I counted 5 alternate servers xD 

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@Crisi good for you. Also no need to quote the full thing. And, I said six but listed 5 because there is Chaos Prison, which the status of said server is indefinite.

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Can i just say, all of the happy memories that i will never forget. You guys that all player on creative with me and the others. It was a time to never forget. Getting staff and then working with all of you was amazing! Im so sad to see creative go. There are a few people i would like to say words about but there are many more! These are only the people off of the top of my head


@iLoqan_ - OMG! Good luck in the future buddy. I will miss you on creative

@TheeKopJee - I dont think you are on the Forums! I will still see you around and will be your "TheeDavid" forever and always!!!
@HurricaneStrike1 - GG ON ARTISAN! Amazing builder, and all around a great person. I enjoyed our little conversation on ts that time!!
@ItsNoraa - Master! Top of the ranks!!! GG, i may see you around but if i dont good luck in the future!
THERE ARE LOADS MORE!! But i cant think of everyone at once! 

@Andy - Andy <33 It was a pleasure working with an Ex Admin. Good Luck on prison and i will definitely see you around!! Good Luck on your road to speaking to your Susan again! :P

@Rob - Rob - It was a pleasure working with you on Creative! Good Luck in the future

@Luksoni10 - Luk <333 What can i say dude!!! I will miss seeing you everyone morning and having conversations in staff chats! xD Good luck on your road to making every meeting :P

@benjamingeek - Noob Ben <3 - I will miss seeing you come on when i was half asleep at 22:30 and didnt know what i was saying half the time! :) Good luck on your road to being OG Ben

@SIF11 - Siffy Wiffy!  Just that randy who never talks!!! Maybe someday you might be a Sr Admin would you believe!! :) Good Luck on your road to talking to me some day <3

@Aotea - Wild-est babez <3! OMG WILD! <3 What can i say, not just on AliA but in general it is a pleasure working with you. I will continue to see you on skyblock!!! Good Luck with Sosig in the future. (Move to the UK :P)!

@Ruuairi - RuBabes! My RuBabes. Andy's susan and everything. There is so much more that shouldnt be said on a public forum (that i will put in skype pm) but I wish you all the best and i will see you around! I am already missing not seeing you on Creative at times.



Staff, it was a pleasure working with you all on Creative. There are so many happy memories that people have given, and Creative will always be in our hearts. Goodbye guys! I will see most of you on skyblock (the place i transferred to) but if i dont. Good luck with everything in the future!! I will miss you all A LOT :D


Thank you for reading xD. Please remember I didnt include everyone because there are sooo many people!






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I want to say some words,sience 2014/5

i played in Creative,my whole childhood was there, all my rages , topics, bad feelings,i could talk with everyone, and they helped me..i will miss Creative so much!H0pe it will be back someday.

And,for so many player, that without them i couldnt be who i am now.


I remember you aa aplrentice,gl in skyblock :D, i wish you to get all you want,love, H0pea.

@Andy, because of you, i stayed there,iin my first time,you helped me <3 miss you <33


i have no words to tell how nice you are,you always made my day when i came in;when you told me in ur way that you can read chats xD(i remember this when i talked with friend and told i ate my friend xD).

i will miss you so much, ur such an awsome person!!

Dad ^_^ <3 xD

Sir :D ♡♡


xD i liked to make you mad, screw it xDDD

Every day i came in and asked for buildbattle xDDD

Love ya xD



I didnt talk with you a lot, but when i did, it was awsome ! 


didnt talk with you alot,but you always helped me when i needed.!



in my worst days,you always was there for me.

i remember 1 day i talked with zakara,and you came in...<3

i will miss you!





I GONNA MISS ALL THE PLAYERS.EVERYONE.Im not going to make list even..its too many pepole and i dont want to froget some.

i will remember everyone.

ty for the awsome time in this server.

ty for helping me when i needed 

ty for spending my childhood with the best players i could.

TY Everyone,i will be online in the last day...hope to see you there.

i cant imagine what im feeling rn.

i leanred so much with you, 


ty for teaching me how to build trees with W/E <3 Hope i will need it some day again in this server.


I cant even tell, how gaddam much you helped told me the best words,best wish for me,that ive ever heard.


Im going to be so sad..(cry ahamahm)

I hope this server will be back some day.



With all my heart,all my feelings,


Thank you,for behing who you are.

ty for helping me be a good.person, and a good builder ;)

Im going to remember you forever.




Im going to play in prison , and im happy that ru is the sr admin there <3.



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