My time as staff </3 #RIPArcade

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Hey guys, so my time for staff is fully up (As I'm not allowed staff anymore lel)


So I just wanted to talk about my journey as staff and thank those who need to be thanked.


Firstly, it started back in #Arcade (triggered). back in the OG days when iJamez was Head Admin I applied for staff first time round and got it xD Things were looking good. I was the most active staff member and went from Mod to T:Mod in two weeks. After about a year I had to leave my position as Mod as my grades were slipping and I had important exams coming up. Honestly one of the worst decisions of my life leaving staff but it had to be done. 


After I returned when my exams were finished, I applied for prison helper as arcade was #RIP. I applied 3 times and on the third time I got it. This was four months ago (Got it in August). I was a helper for 4months and to be honest no point staying as being a helper 4 months basically means no promotion so I decided to leave ;( I had such a great journey but unfortunately it has ended for good now. 


I want to say thank you to @Ollieed @Ben @Mitchka and @ENDER_PRO99 for giving me this opportunity but I didn't live up to my expectations and am sorry for that.

There are many others I would like to say thanks to but I don't want to spam this post with tags but they know who they are, I've made some amazing friends and helped AliaCraft so much over the past couple of years but unfortunately can not do it anymore. 


Thank You

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11 minutes ago, Blurry__ said:

Goodbye Gav ;( You will be missed by many including me <3 You were a great staff member and Prison has lost a great staff member <3

Thanks man, appreciate it. I can come on every once in a while to talk and help out in chat though xD ;( 

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1 hour ago, JamesySmithy said:

Gav message me why xD, sure you'll be missed and thanks for getting me that rank (from a year ago) <3

No prob bro, and you got my Skype right? Gavotte 12345

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45 minutes ago, RyDan said:

:( Sad to see you go, again

omg hahahahaha 'again' xD Well this is the last time bro. Had an awesome time but all good things come to an end. Gl in the future <3

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