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  2. Transferring Ranks

    If your account was hacked you should probably have contacted Mojang
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  4. Transferring Ranks

    Rule #6 of our Buycraft terms and conditions you agreed to when you made the donation.
  5. Transferring Ranks

    Why? I paid for the rank and kits...I can't control when an account gets hacked. If I knew I would've put all the ranks onto the account I currently own.
  6. Transferring Ranks

    We cannot transfer ranks to other accounts.
  7. Transferring Ranks

    The other accounts ign is OGWifi
  8. Transferring Ranks

    I used to own an account under the name patrickbabylon that owned Skylord aswell as the Christmas and Halloween kit. That account was hacked and it wan't until recently that I earned an account back that had only sky vip and none of my other ranks. I don't have any evidence of me owning the account but I can back up paypal payments under patrickbabylon.
  9. alt acc rank

    @Mitchka thanks I appreciate it <3
  10. alt acc rank

    i found your rank and will add it to your account.
  11. alt acc rank

    hi I have an alt named Chrisjc0623 and it used to have skyvip rank which I got from a crate like two resets ago on skyblock and now I would like to ask if it is possible for the rank to be regiven to the account. idk if yall can like just check if I had it on the account before somehow but please do. ik itd probably be best to have proof but cant find any cause why would i have any but whats the point of lying yknow
  12. i gotting banned for "hacking" by mitchka

    After consulting with our Lead OP you will remain banned.
  13. i gotting banned for "hacking" by mitchka

    no he was telling you how change the settings on a hack client and never said to change it to the space bar. I will consult the other ops on the video i have and take action accordingly.
  14. i gotting banned for "hacking" by mitchka

    1. IGN:JJJAccdingDance 2. Banned by:mitchka 3. Ban duration:6 days and 23 hours,49 minutes 4. Ban date:31.12.18 5. Ban reason:Hacking 6. Ban Accurate:i m and a player named chopster,here help me to farm mobs and from the mobs i gotting xp.he give me a tipp that i should change my hit (right mouse click) into space and then i do that then mitchka banning me for the reason hacking i dont know what is that i dont hack at that moment im just farm with my space bar thats not forbidden i read the rule and not finde anyway 7. Proof:the proof i is choppster he can say u guys that he give me only tips not anyway 8. Appeal:i dont know what that is. 9. Screenshot(s):i have only that screenshot
  15. Thatkidpengv2"s ban For Mob aura

    Skeleton? Twas a spider. I've tried it a multitude of times. Mob collisions off and everything, it's not possible. Plus you were heavily disrespecting me through PM's. Therefore: Appeal denied.
  16. Thatkidpengv2"s ban For Mob aura

  17. Thatkidpengv2"s ban For Mob aura

    1. IGN: Thatkidpengv2 2. Banned by: 84v 3. Ban duration: 7 days 4. Ban date: 2018-12-25 5. Ban reason: mod aura 6. Ban Accurate: no 7. Proof: Appeal: I didn't hack and I can prove it. if you put a skeleton right on u its auto magically gonna killl u if you killing something else look at the video and try it n minecrafti 9. Screenshot(s):
  18. Ban appeal - Lewoof

    Appeal accepted
  19. Ban appeal - Lewoof

    @PapaLewis hello just a quick question where you on survival and then you got banned?
  20. Ban appeal - Lewoof

  21. Ban appeal - Lewoof

    @ItsMissMarvel Afternoon, you just banned me, for speed mining dirt/sand with an efficiency 5 shovel. Do you know how idiotic that is? You insta mine dirt and sand with an efficiency 5 diamond shovel. I'll assume you want this doing as well. 1. IGN: Lewoof 2. Banned by: ItsMissMarvel 3. Ban duration: 7 days 4. Ban date: 19/12/18 5. Ban reason: Speed mining/Hacked client 6. Ban Accurate: Far from being anywhere near accurate. 7. Proof: You were obviously watching me and didnt check. 8. Appeal: 9. Screenshot(s): Sorry for seeing both pictures I have two monitors.
  22. Christmas Sale

    For the entire month of December, everything in the store will be 50% off. Go to and check things out. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from AliaCraft.
  23. Black Friday Sale

    75% off Black Friday Sale beginning Nov 22 @ 6 P.M. CST (7 PM EST, 12 midnight GMT) ending on Nov 26 midnight CST.
  24. Black Friday Sale

    75% off Black Friday Sale beginning Nov 22 @ 6 P.M. CST (7 PM EST, 12 midnight GMT) ending on Nov 26 midnight CST.
  25. Black Friday Sale

    75% off Black Friday Sale beginning Nov 22 @ 6 P.M. CST (7 PM EST, 12 midnight GMT) ending on Nov 26 midnight CST.
  26. 2.0

    All im going to say is that im sure you wont be disappointed with the reset coming soon, im sure the staff team have been working extremely hard on this as its been months and months since the first announcement. only thing i hope this time around is that the staff and operators will listen to the community on what they want to make the server more fun within reason ofc
  27. 2.0

    Not gonna lie, I would straight up come back to aliacraft if prison 2.0 was restored... Mitchka Picks, Elytras being rare, plots, it was all so iconic and I miss it like hell.
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