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  2. 2.0

    All im going to say is that im sure you wont be disappointed with the reset coming soon, im sure the staff team have been working extremely hard on this as its been months and months since the first announcement. only thing i hope this time around is that the staff and operators will listen to the community on what they want to make the server more fun within reason ofc
  3. 2.0

    Not gonna lie, I would straight up come back to aliacraft if prison 2.0 was restored... Mitchka Picks, Elytras being rare, plots, it was all so iconic and I miss it like hell.
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  5. šŸ‘»Halloween BuildingĀ CompetitionšŸ‘»

    First off, well done to everyone! There were some brilliant, spooky builds! I wish I could award everyone first place but alas I must decide and after some much deliberation, I l have decided the winners (with some help). Before I list them I just want to say well done again and not to be disheartened if you didn't win. Hope to see you for the next build! In 1st Place we have TIE! The money will be split and you will both be receiving a one-off kit and Keys Well done to Crafter_Dad and DaynoT In 2nd place we have Dynos4ur - Great job! In 3rd Place we have KingSpenc09 - Love the maze you added! Prizes will be placed either in a chest on your island or in your PV Thankyou for entering everyone!
  6. 2.0

    Thanks for the input.
  7. 2.0

    It might be too late, but I'm saying it anyway. I really, really, really miss prison 2.0. I don't know if it was the gameplay, the map, the players, or what, but that prison was just so amazingly well done. I know prison is hopefully resetting soon and it probably be different, but I just really miss 2.0. Now I know it is most likely too late and no one really cares, and no one is gonna read this because the server is kind of dead, but if someone in the right position saw it and took it into account it would mean the world to me. -A guy who misses 2.0
  8. What happened to the plans?

    We are back to working on it. Just rest assured the reset has not been forgotten just delayed and we apologize for that. Things beyond our control happened but everything is back on track. We are not setting a date quite yet, but when we are close to release, we will definitely notify everyone.
  9. What happened to the plans?

  10. What happened to the plans?

    I thought prison had some big plans for a reset... in July. I appreciate staff working hard on this server but it feels like you could do more. Now I know there have been some IRL issues in the past few months but still, all of my friends from this server have quit just because nothing has happened to prison in months.
  11. šŸ‘»Halloween BuildingĀ CompetitionšŸ‘»

    KingSpen06 is the correct ign
  12. šŸ‘»Halloween BuildingĀ CompetitionšŸ‘»

  13. i have been banned for no reason

    Appeal accepted. Player unbanned
  14. i have been banned for no reason

    This is the proof of you fast placing/building
  15. i have been banned for no reason

    1. IGN: OhhCheeky 2. Banned by: xDylan 3. Ban duration: 7 days 4. Ban date: 28/10/18 5. Ban reason: fast placing 6. Ban Accurate: nope 7. Proof: i dont have hacks installed on pc 8. Appeal: now 9. Screenshot(s):
  16. šŸ‘»Halloween BuildingĀ CompetitionšŸ‘»

  17. xH_Singh (ban)

    I've gone over this on discord, and have APPROVED that he will be unbanned, his ping is horrible, and it's hard to make out that he is hacking in the video that I was sent, If I were to ban him I would need more proof. @xH_Singh
  18. Ban appeal

    It's conflicting, it could be Singh's Ping, but I've heard that excuse from people that hack so many times I've come to not believe it, I dont want to believe Singh hacked either, so I'm giving him the chance to appeal, with me actually taking into consideration for once: the ping thing,
  19. Ban appeal

    I havenā€™t played in ages and I come back for the release of favs and get banned šŸ˜”
  20. Ban appeal

    is was 84v
  21. Ban appeal

    Aliacraft is great staff members are very good at there job. Are you sure you didnā€™t do anything wrong? Btw who banned you most staff members havenā€™t been on in a long time šŸ§šŸ§šŸ¤”šŸ¤”šŸ¤” ( you know Iā€™m thinking hard with all them emojis)
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