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  2. add a purl timer

    Please add a purl timer @Ben
  3. died to the lag (acutalGS)

  4. Today
  5. caught a hhacker

    Aren't you that toxic girl that was usually on TeamSpeak?
  6. Prison KOTH Loot

    Can I get some loot for capping the first two ones then
  7. Prison KOTH Loot

    This has been sorted, thank you for making me aware
  8. Hacker on prison.

    it's not your server.
  9. Donator rank help

    I will reload it when I next see you online
  10. My cell is glitched

    I Believe @Ben can help you.
  11. Prison KOTH Loot

    I can vouch with official sincerity that the items in question did not appear in his inventory.
  12. Accidentally lost my sheep spawner!

    Resolved and closed
  13. Prison KOTH Loot

    I was with him, we spent 2 and half hours and he got nothing at the end.
  14. Okay so basically, Yesterday at like 7pm ollied and ben put a new event called koth up, I went straight in there and ben and ollied went off after like 30minutes of it not being capped yet. The KoTH went on for 2hours and 30 minutes straight. The first time i CAPPED koth i got nothing. so I immediately went on ts3 but there were no staff on that could help me. suddenly another KoTH started and I capped it again. and again, I didn't get any loot. Ollieed said there would be prizes like a rank etc. This morning Cleg capped koth and got a rank and keys from it... Can I recieve the loot for capping both koths? Oh yeah, I have screenshots of me capping and nothing being in my invent. 1- 2- 3-
  15. My cell is glitched

    @Mitchka @LadyRosyG
  16. Donator help (re post with proof)

    Thanks for the report, BuyCraft is very slow at the moment, I'll see if anyone can help you out @Mitchka @LadyRosyG
  17. Accidentally lost my sheep spawner!

    Sorry we cannot replace the spawner. This is because it wasn't a server error, but it was a mistake on your part. I am sorry to hear that you lost your spawner but we cannot replace it. Please note that as well as using a silk touch pickaxe, you will also need to make sure that you are the right spawner level, check the correct spawner level with /spawners. You can levelup by doing /rankup If you have anything else you need help with dont hesitate to make another post or ask staff in game Sorry for the inconvenience, Skyblock [Helper] XDav1d This post no longer needs to be open
  18. Donator help (re post with proof)

    So i bought the leather rank in October of 2014 and i was wondering if i could still receive it on prison. My ign is Madcreeps55
  19. Please give me your opinion on this situation.

    I agree with the Admin all you had to do was teleport to any other location or switch servers
  20. My girlfriend placed down a sheep spawner and we wanted to move it. I then mined it with THE WRONG PICKAXE! I really need this sheep spawner back, we are both annoyed that we grinded so hard for that spawner, to lose it over a silly mistake... Any help will be amazing. Proof:
  21. My banhammer

    Lol Big Nacht laying down the ground rules Love u Nacht <3 -Bas
  22. caught a hhacker

    eliminator are u like the new gop lmao?
  23. Yesterday
  24. Swearing and Disrespect Report

    player dealt with, thanks for reportin
  25. Swearing and Disrespect Report

    Just some screenshots of what zvkk99 has said...
  26. caught a hhacker

    I wonder what that is on the top left?
  27. caught a hhacker

    I think she means with 'me' that she's the one who send a message.
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