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  2. Hey, thanks for making this post but next time please make a proper appeal. You have been unbanned since the proof I had was corrupted. Have a good day
  3. Make a proper appeal please.
  4. Guys ! my Ign is ZakariahAjlouni i got banned from kitpvp for hacking !!!? without even a proof By idk who is that ---->> heybabe Pls guys contact that admin/mod or what ever he is to unban or atleast tell you what was the real reason of the ban
  5. Aha tysm Gav, tbf I would've been elated for anyone to get it
  6. Yesterday
  7. Funny >_>
  8. @LadyRosyG GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I would have rathered you get it out of them all as well :^)
  9. Thank you for this video showing the glitch, it's a lot more helpful that people just complaining "Staff, I didn't get my keys" @Ben any chance you could look into this?
  10. Sometimes its just a visual glitch. You will have more than what you think you should from not seeing them from previous votes. If you are getting them on other servers you should still be getting them on skyblock.
  11. Hi All My Name Is AxisLine_ So Often as i have been voting for AliACraft voted for the 4 sites and got the crates in all game servers except skyblock, it happened to me lots of times So The Main Content of this Report Is I Don't Get vote keys as i vote for AliACraft On Skyblock I kept voting and voting at same time it keeps telling You Already Voted Here's The Video... oh ye btw the clip in this vid while i was going into other game server to check if there was a glitch on voting aswell. Member Of AliACraft AxisLine_
  12. You're sparkily now xD

    1. LadyRosyG


      Everything is better sparkly haha

  13. This is correct. We cannot go on just your word that there are no hack clients we would have to do a screenshare where you give a staff member permission to look into the files of your computer to see if there are any hacked clients to prove otherwise. However there is video proof of him hacking. It will be uploaded and posted by whoever originally banned him. I banned the alt accounts for ban evading as they kept coming on ther server under different accounts and Ip's to evade the ban. Our policy stated 1st hacking ban is 30d, 2nd offense is a 30d ban. There are at least 3 other accounts that are banned under your IP as alts of the original banned IGN. We have already exceeded the amount of chances a player gets for hacking bans and we will not be unbanning them. The screen shot on the appeal that was made is his history that show how many times they have been punished by a staff member for breaking rules (hacking, chat rules).
  14. Evading is if you came on another account to bypass your ban. However, it is not evading that you are banned for. You have been caught hacking 3 times from my understanding, given the first time is a 30d ban, that is a strong warning and choosing to hack again results in a perm ban. Given that you chose to risk hacking again and got caught, you have no more chances. @Mitchka and @Ben could you please comment on this matter.
  15. OK! Apparently this is needed, as there are some people in the world that do not know this line. The line "Cool Beans" from the movie Hot Rod. Now if you have not seen this movie despite this entire post I highly advise you not watching it, it is terrible. BUTTTTT there is one line in this movie that is very VERY important which is "Cool Beans". Now I could sit here and explain everything, or i could just give you a link to the scene. NOW PAY CLOSE ATENTION THIS IS IMPORTANT IN LIFE TO KNOW @Mitchka @ItsNotUltimo <---- Uncultured swines
  16. This is likethehuhm8 father and I do not understand why he was denied. I personally verified there are no hack client on my sons client. I don't understand what evading is and I don't understand how he was banned for hacking when he doesn't have any hack clients. I am learning a lot about this in a short time but apperently I don't understand enough because I don't understand why he was banned.
  17. 100% agree
  18. I actually have no idea Gav, probably some rande.
  19. Ban appeals don't count
  20. Last week
  21. The evidence is quite clear, you were NOT lagging. Thread Closed Appeal - DENIED
  22. You were full bars no way you were lagging, you were in complete control
  23. as the title says, can someone tell me please how to apply for staff for the server? Regards - SpankMyDough aka ExtraMoistyyy
  24. 1. IGN:GAMINGwithETHAN 2. Banned by:FrightenedNinja 3. Ban duration:1 month 4. Ban date:6/24/17 5. Ban reason:hacking 6. Ban Accurate:No i was laging 7. Proof:DONT HAVE ANY 8. Appeal:I was baned for my wifi that is extreamly bad that made me look like i was hacking but in reality i was just laging 9. Screenshot(s):DONT HAVE ANY
  25. Ruairi resigned
  26. Coming on alts (other accounts ir IGNs) will also result in a ban because it is considered ban evading.
  27. Who's the Prison admins?
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