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  2. This server is unfair

    Because you became toxic afterwards.
  3. This server is unfair

    Right so... I got to thinking (Yea we know its hard) but @DudefaceUK got staff after quitting staff and it hadn't been 3months. But when I wanted to apply for staff after less than 3months I wasn't allowed I would just like to know why this is fair. @Mitchka
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  5. May 19th Claim Winners!

    May 19 Claim Winners! zFuzioNz_ and Eddiewn13! Good job!
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  7. Map Ideas?

    Yeah being the only one that wants to really do this, truthfully if I had tried to work on factions functionality I'd be rolling on the floor dying, Ultimo is doing this Alone and its really stressful for him, thanks for the idea though, I may consider it! And Jake, yes, I get you. And to be fair, the factions map has needed an update for a while, so its a great time to change the map while we're fixing it, ya see
  8. Map Ideas?

    Yo Warrior this is stuff guru can do the functionality is being left to ultimo obvs so while ultimo is doing that guru will do this ygm
  9. Map Ideas?

    Really you're working on spawn and warzone? It'd be better to use that time working on actual factions functions making it better than the fu**i*g spawn/warzone... But if u really want ideas then maybe work on a wasteland warzone or like the no mans land in the war since factions is based off the military and maybe for the spawn make it an industrial army base
  10. Map Ideas?

    While we're working on factions functionality I wish to make changes to the spawn and warzone. I've been told that the spawn map is not on the device server yet and so I'd like some player ideas! Ones we currently have are : - floating islands. - a nice jungle area. - a terrain revamp. - staff rooms in the castle for some reason. Your input would be appreciated to make factions 10x better than it is today!
  11. Congratulations!

    Warrior - they messed up. We all do. Ops and Devs are not just robots and they will make mistakes. Nothing is perfect and we're always having to fix something or other.
  12. Byeeee <3

    Aha we had some good times especially last season😂😉also gg on the job and look after yourself😜
  13. New Hub Game Idea

    let me free plz mitchka plz ill do anything just plz let me free and let me talk
  14. Survival V7 Reset!

    bs you lier you mute your problems away unmute me and let me out or else there will be problems
  15. Survival V7 Reset!

    let me out mitchka now you bad operator you help no one you just mute out your problems you
  16. mitchka muted me for a week and jailed me tell her to let me out and unmute me plz its unfair she is not enforcing the rules bc someone is spawn killing and I tried to tell one mod to stop it but he didn't plz answer me

  17. plz help me

  18. Congratulations!

    Wow after so long of 'hard work' developing factions spreading the word that it's going to be the best or it's being fixed etc you managed to mess up the server even more! That's incredible.. I didn't think it was possible but you guys proved me wrong! I was even overconfident with this new factions... Incredible work guys
  19. Byeeee <3

    Welp rip, I'll miss you fletch and congrats on the job role. Hope to see you again in the future
  20. Byeeee <3

    Well I take back the 1-2 yrs I'll be on weekdays after summer is over I would also like to thank some people for making it fun AkaQuibs Swiftgirl Smurfettejr SoftUnicornPuppy HalalChicken MEeRoL_ Vjft Jabbar_HD Sheepyy Alibino 5FDP_ Rennodan All of the OPs All skyblock staff Xpite Penguinetto TumTub, H0pes, and lastly Schrauffnoodles. Cya soon <3
  21. Byeeee <3

    Well if you haven't seen me as of recent you wouldn't know I got a good job as an intern. I definitely appreciate the opportunity presented to me so I took it. I'm going to concentrate all my time on it. I'll check up every month or so to see what's been going on. Cya guys in 1-2 years!
  22. Huge Giveaway!

    hush sheep only cuz u won bredda ur happy noob
  23. Server News

    long live the memories tho!
  24. lol hi this is my feed boizz

  25. Huge Giveaway!

    GG to the winners, if you didnt win unlucky, there will always be more giveaways in the future. Dont forget to thank ADz for hosting this!
  26. Huge Giveaway!

    If i won i would've played prison again
  27. Huge Giveaway!

    Congratulations to the winners! First Place: @_TakeTheL Second Place: @Sheepyy Third Place: @SoftUnicornPuppy Ill be contacting you over discord in the next couple of hours to redeem your prices, thanks for entering
  28. New Hub Game Idea

    We aren't asking for suggestions for game mode (although all reasonable suggestions are appreciated) We are looking for game to do in the hub for prizes.
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