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  2. @TomTom look at this please.
  3. 1. IGN: Commander_Rylan 2. Banned by: Tom 3. Ban duration: perm 4. Ban date: can't start mc rn so I'm not entirely sure 5. Ban reason: Hacking 6. Ban Accurate: Uneven ground here but I'm saying no. 7. Proof: N/A 8. Appeal: Well... I don't know if anyone remembers the whole me knowing what enchants were on some guys pick but thats what happened. I have said he had dropped them earlier, but people didn't believe me and so on and so forth. I did hack once, and I got banned for it. I will say, however, I never used hacks maliciously in any way, and actually only turned on elytra+ so i could explore the map... Anyways, I miss you guys. I miss the community. I miss talking to my friends and doing dumb stuff together. I miss giving stuff to the nubs. I miss playing around in the plots. I miss prison.I miss AliaCraft, and I really want "back in." I know there isnt much hope, but maybe some staff could reconsider my ban. Best Regards, Rylan 9. Screenshot(s): Can't find it but if you really need it I can probably find it in my files somewhere. @Mitchka

  5. @Frightened_Ninja idk about losing EVERYTHING, but getting rid of all the op items sounds like a good idea... When I first played, elytra were COVETED! Now (as far as my friend has told me) theyre just eh... I think people keeping theyre non-op rare stuff would be cool, but getting rid of stuff like god picks and a kgjpillion elytra sounds good.
  6. Your ranks will be sorted once @xFatalSoul has checked the applications, i'll get back to this asap. Thanks for being patient.
  7. @xFatalSoul
  8. i have seen a tone of Master people on but there is only 1..... they told me Creative is shuting down! is this true? if yes why?
  9. I can but his spawners won't be replaced.
  10. This has been address in several other posts and ill say it again. A full reset isint as easy as a wave of the wand and poof new server. Who knows where or even if the old map still exists since it was quite some time ago and files have been handed to more people than the common cold. We fully understand that players are not coming on because of lack of something to do but the features that were added in the current prison were designed to motivate players to keep playing to earn swag coins for their plots. Sadly with laake leaving other features we had planned to add made it impossible to do and now we are at a stalemate on updates. Furthermore skyblock just reset and the globals have other projects the are involved in. Right now we just need to be patient and stick it through the rough times. Im sure we will eventually get an overhaul, but we cannot put a deadline on a project like this. We appreciate your concern as staff and players and appreciate your dedication.
  11. Couldn't a mod+ /co I it for him? - Matt
  12. thank you for your input
  13. I agree that i would willing to give up my OP items up just to have a fresh start. I've been here since the last prison and i have come to like both prisons equally. Although it would be tough for me to loose all the items that i have earned throughout my time on prison, i would be willing to give it all up just to start over. As Ninja said many higher rank player just come on to rant or pay rent, because there are no new incentives for them to seek after.
  14. I definitely agree dupers had a great impact on Prions too. As some features were taken away and a reset would fix some of these things.
  15. Thank you for supporting and not being selfish about losing all your items you have <3
  16. I was also never part of OG prisons, same as ninja joined in 2.0. As ninja said I don't like when someone comes on to prisons and start to talk about how "oh its so boring and not fun" I have some fairly OP items and would lose it all. But they are just items. With the dupers that came and brought down popularity to prison I too would like to see a reset for it. In my opinion resetting prison and starting fresh would be fun. It starts up the whole grinding aspect of prisons. Where as now someone who joins have a very difficult time cause of everyone having super OP items.
  17. Im down to lose all my OP stuff to bring back all the players we had before and bring back all the people saying "we want OG prison"
  18. Read All Please @Ollieed @Ben @Mitchka OK, as many people have seen Prison is slowly dying down to a tiny piece of crumb that no one cares about on the server. Now to fix this would be to completely scrap away Prison 2.0 and create a new Prisons, or simply reset it. Prison 2.0 is not as popular as the previous Prison, as many of the people in the server have said. What really annoys and grinds my gears is the people that come on the server and say stuff like. Examples: "This server sucks bring back OG Prison" "OG Prisons was better" "This server is dying" "Just let the server die" Now, this is completely unnecessary and not needed. The server is not quote "dying" it is not as popular as it was yes, but what you have to understand is that server has little to none advertising. The server still even know the lack of advertising has a loyal staff team, and a great community. For those that come on the server to cry and weep about wanting the OG Prison back make me angry. For me I was never here for the OG Prison i was here for Prison 2.0, and it is the world to me. You coming on saying that the OG Prison is better and want it back and that Prison 2.0 sucks just crushes the world out of those that enjoy Prison 2.0 including me. I am sorry if you missed the news flash, but guess what? OG PRISON IS NEVER COMING BACK! EVER. Now to my original point, a reset. Now this does not mean a reset is coming to Prisons it is simply my opinion on what I think should happen to Prisons. Prisons has come a long, long way being one of the lead advertising of the whole of AliaCraft along with Arcade. It has died down do to less popularity, no advertising and frankly THERE IS NOTHING ELSE LEFT TO DO. Pretty much everyone on the server has some kind of OP (over powered) item in there experience on Prisons. There are very few items that are considered rare anymore, and all of the top players only come on to say hello or banter because there is nothing else to do for them. Now I am not asking for a completely new Prisons yet, just a complete wipe of items, exp, ranks, ect. It would bring some players back that no longer play because they now will have something to work for. Although, a completely remake of Prisons would be cool and nice. Not because it is new, but because it is something different which is something AliaCraft needs. I am just asking for you to take a look at this for me, and add your opinion.Like this if you think it is a good idea, and comment why or why not it is a good idea. This has been FrightenedNinja pce People that asked to be @ : @pig_panther
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  20. Hello, we staff are aware of this issue with spawners being picked up by silk touch pick. We're trying to fix it quickly as possible. But unfortunately, your spawners won't be replaced unless you have a proof of having it. Otherwise, we can't do anything about it.
  21. I had mined one out of the 6 snowman spawners that I had but it never gave it to me... I had used silk touch and everything but still no spawner.
  22. Lol it's funny how you say you were in a private channel but you're lying since you poked me anyways what @Mitchka said is enough. Your mute stays since you know the rules. Thread Closed.
  23. okay
  24. Kionn should you really need a warning to not be disrespectful though? You have played on the server for quite some time and know the rules. Obviously lower ranks and new players will get a warning. SInce you know this then you should also know not to disrespect.
  25. But not against the rules, you are allowed to pvp anyone you wish on a pvp server. He wants the kit and he thinks by saying that, you will give it to him. Chances are even if you do give it to him he will still target you. So, unless you are a better pvper than him and want to keep the kit, i suggest you not use it anytime soon otherwise you take a chance on losing it.
  26. Saying if u dont do something or ill target u is called blackmail
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