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  2. Xtog's introduction (2 years too late)

    (Pretends it’s 3 Year’s ago) Welcomee! If you need anything, poo on to survival and message me
  3. Money Strategies

    well i wonder how to make money but there again i ALLWAYS forget to sell in vip
  4. Xtog's introduction (2 years too late)

    Hello Xtog! Nice introduction If you need assistance with anything come find me on Skyblock. Have a nice day.
  5. Halloween Giveaway On Prison

    I would love to win the leather rank, not for myself because I already own it, but for my friend who just started playing. Personally, the ruby rank kits and the in game money are much more of my goal. Thanks! IGN: carterman45
  6. Sup im dembele

  7. Like this for 20 gaps on kitpvp (I have too many gaps and I need a reason to give them out)
  8. Hi! My name irl name is Xavier but you mostly know me as Xtog. I have been playing this server for about 3 years time on the kitpvp and prison networks. I am quiet well known for being a pvper and community player. I Made a forums account about 1 year ago but I didn't like the name of it so I made a new one! My main server I play on is kitpvp (IT'S NOT DEAD) and I have made a lot of new friends when I reconnected to the server about 1 month ago. I loved it when I met up with some of the older players (Dxrksky, Babybio, thetomtom3901 and naturegirl1118). Your all welcome to say hi to me. Warning: Do not ask for team on kitpvp as it is very annoying cause of the amount of new players that come on and spam me that. YES this is way too late but I want a good reputation (like for me <3) peace all! -Xtog (Kitpvp swearlord)
  9. anti cheat broken?

    The Operators are working for a fix, please bare with us while we fix it. We appreciate your concern.
  10. Yesterday
  11. anti cheat broken?

    recently i seen there is a new anitcheat? well for the last few days i have really bad connection (on my part) which i might be shorting out but because of this the blocks keep comming back so i brake them etc i get kicked from the game for breaking blocks to fast like fast break on a hacked client which I DO NOT HACK
  12. Skyblock Tutorials

    cactus farms afk one with mutiple chest hoppers etc like 4 floor high
  13. Halloween Giveaway On Prison

    Hey there i know i prob wont win because lots of comments but i might as well try so my ign is enlessgaming1 the reason why i want to win is because after the reset i earned 1 million but then deiced not to play i gave away 1 million across different players and all my stuff so i legit had nothing apart from the leather rank start gear i have just got back into this alto i lag lol i wish to get back into it and this well help so much and make me happy
  14. dooleylabs from prestige one

    Dooley is magic. don't worry about it
  15. dooleylabs from prestige one

    why is it above the spawn of prestige
  16. awkward block placement in prestige 4

    Fixed thanks for reporting
  17. Hello

    Welcome to the forums!
  18. Hello

    Nice! I’m a helper on survival, so if you ever come on sometime and I’m on there, feel free to message me about anything!
  19. Hello

    Welcome to the forums if you see me on skyblock don't be a stranger
  20. Hello

    skyblock or jail
  21. Hello

    I’m loving the server too! What do you usually play ? (Factions, skyblock, survival, ect )
  22. Hello

    Welcome to the AliACraft forums. I am glad you are enjoying the server. If you need assistance with anything, feel free to drop me a message or come find me on Skyblock! Enjoy the rest of your evening MrsSaber
  23. HALLOWEEN COMPETITON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @ReefxSynx this is the competition, hf and gl
  24. Skyblock Tutorials

    It depends what your needs are: blaze = Xp+Blaze rods vindicator: Emeralds+Iron axes Skeleton: Bones+arrows+bows zombie pigmen: gold nuggets+gold ingots+gold swords (want more info on different spawners message me) OR you can have auto farms like: Iron golem: Iron+flowers Gaurdian: Prismarine shards And in my opinion the best out of all of these are the iron golem/vindicators however if you need the levels to get to this just use blaze to grind out XP That aside you can ask staff/community and/or watch youtube tutorials, you can always come check out my island and see the grinders we have made! Or you can just make a mob box where the mobs spawn due to it being dark and mobs fall and die x D also ./is warp mrsdarksaber to see some good spawner tutorials Hope this helped, - Nukeyy
  25. Hello

    I'm glad your liking the server
  26. Kitpvp Give Away!

    Exotic key
  27. Hello

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