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  2. CorruptSkeleton's ban appeal

    Appeal accpeted due to the fact that advertising is no longer a permanent ban. Also, you should have use the correct format to make an appeal. In the future if you are ever banned again, which I would hope you are not, please appeal correctly. You will be unbanned and muted for a day. Please make sure you read the new rules ( for the server before you start playing again! Appeal Accepted Thread Closed @CorruptSkeleton
  3. CrayonBoxx's appeal

    You have been unbanned. Please take this Second chance seriously.
  4. Leaving <3

    Awh thanks Siri!!
  5. Last week
  6. Karaoke!!!

    Hello to everyone reading this! So as you may or may not be aware, there will be a karaoke being hosted on TeamSpeak on various different weeks from now on! Read below for more info! Don't know how to download TeamSpeak 3 Client? Look at this post for more info! Want to participate and show the crowd what an amazing voice you have? Message @Dav1d#3949 on discord and tell me the following: - Whether you would like to enter or not - What song(s) would you like to sing along to? Don't fancy singing? This is cool too! Come along anyway and give some of your friends some moral support, make sure that you are there for the karaoke and don't miss out!! Dates for this Karaoke are as follows: Every other Saturday at 7.30pm GMT! This commences on Saturday the 24th February 2018 with two weekly intervals!! Make sure you are there so you don't miss out!!
  7. Leaving <3

    Awwww noooo myyy Tabbiiiii :'( Good luck in the future, I hope youll return at some point just to say hi <3
  8. Post Hidden Again?

    Guys, can we please stop arguing? Yes your right forums can be a place to have friendly discussions about the network as a whole and for the specific gamemodes or to report players, but there isnt a need to go at each other over something so small.
  9. Post Hidden Again?

    i will happily jump on prison now and record it with you to get it through to you if you want?
  10. Post Hidden Again?

    How does that make reach broke? that is the person's POV not the server's problem at all the server does not affect how you see something
  11. Post Hidden Again?

    The higher ups obviously had their reasons to remove/hide the post and if they don't feel it necessary to explain why, they don't have to. Also the forums isn't for arguing, I get that you just wanted to know why it was removed but take it to pm's if you want to argue about something that's clearly been resolved... @Mitchka
  12. Post Hidden Again?

    There has been multiple issues with pvp in the past months and it looks like nothings being done about them because most of the problems are still around.
  13. Post Hidden Again?

    Reach is broke. What dont you understand about that? speed 2 pot and run backwards in a straight line when someone is hitting you, you will see how broke it is.
  14. Post Hidden Again?

    a while? lol it was like a 5 second clip and if an OP has information on how to look for this glitch why would it not be spread to staff on how to tell the difference?
  15. Post Hidden Again?

    You sure about that? the video jake got of me, i was hitting him for a while from a very big distance on his screen. Plus OP's have already seen that this 12 block reach is a serious issue atm
  16. Post Hidden Again?

    Yeah, punishment also recorded all his fights and he was never banned... lol recordings literally mean nothing
  17. Post Hidden Again?

    actually you can there is no way someone can hold that "12 block reach" on purpose consistently
  18. Post Hidden Again?

    So nobody has ever been banned falsely on a pvp server no? and i get unbanned from alia because i record all my fights now so i always have proof if i do get banned.
  19. Post Hidden Again?

    There is no way you can prove that someone is using reach on alia its completely broken you can legit 12 block someone on their POV on the other persons you are at 3 block. Alia staff will still ban anyway because they don't listen but again thats a whole different story.
  20. Post Hidden Again?

    the proof as in someone that came up with reach and turns out they were actually using reach? because i do have that
  21. Post Hidden Again?

    Easy simple thing to do make my original post public again
  22. Post Hidden Again?

    I would say near all, unless you got proof to back up that statement?
  23. Post Hidden Again?

    broken in some cases not all
  24. Post Hidden Again?

    Reach - broken and proved by a OP
  25. Post Hidden Again?

    all kicks were machine learning, some of ogz were not
  26. Post Hidden Again?

    I am done with this conversation before i get gagged
  27. Post Hidden Again?

    Which it is tbf, you got kicked 4 times while fighting shadow and only went through one set lol
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