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  3. done
  4. Can I get my mod rank on forums? Thanks for the help
  5. Thanx so much
  6. I just got out and tp you to spawn
  7. it does not allow me to open chat
  8. So you can get on minechat and get out by doing /factions then doing /spawn. Or you will have to wait to get a staff member on to tp you out
  9. So My username in factions is Almostroyall and I entered a portal in my new factions base it went to a claimed box around the portal not allowing me to leave. I am now stuck in the portal and it will not let me tp or /spawn or anything it just is a wavy purple screen. I have logged off and on many times. If you could get me to spawn I would appreciate it!
  10. @Mattstar67 oDizzyy is jack
  11. Yesterday
  12. Please make a proper appeal,
  13. @AGR2001 Left skyblock and also Shouldn't @SuttonJackkk_ Still be there
  14. Thank you. I was wondering if it was a misprint and do understand that if it causes problems it would need to be removed.
  15. The noenter flag was removed due to some issues it caused. The buycraft was apparently never updated. I will ask @Ben to update it tomorrow. Apologies for any misunderstandings. Thanks, Jako.
  16. @JakoTheSheep @Ben @Ollieed
  17. Why did you change my faction members (homosexman) nick in-game? I can't see how that's offensive to anyone, nor can I see any other reason to change it other than the server staff being homophobic. Our other member, sexguy131 didn't have his name changed and it contains the word "sex", so it's definitely the homo part the staff resents.
  18. I have the Hades rank in survival and the shop says that I should have the noenter claimflag; however, it says that I do not have permission. I am wondering if the shop description is wrong or if there is a glitch. I am Enderpoint in the game.
  19. AGR is Prison staff now
  20. as stated above, the server is up! please check before making a post about it being down as you may find you are wrong @Phoenix_Magik close this thread please
  21. @Mikeyqwerty@blazeblaster01
  22. @Coolguy3289 please take a look at this, thanks
  23. OHH YEAAAH NOW I CAN REALY SHOW OFF LOL OLO LO L https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/cwbbVY
  24. CPU: i5 6600k Motherboard: Asus H110m-K Memory: 2x4GB DDR4 Storage: SSD and 2TB HDD GPU: GTX 1060 Case: Corsair Carbride PSU: Evga 500w List yours below! @allpass nobody gives a fuck about your specs and I already know them so don't post.
  25. The server has been up for a day now
  26. please Fallow the steps in the post if you are appeal
  27. format*
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