1.12 Support

    By Coolguy3289,

    Hey all!


    So I'm sure if you keep your client updated to the latest version like I do, you noticed that over the past week you couldn't get on the server because we didn't support 1.12. Well, as of last night, we have updated the network to include support for 1.12! So all of you that had to either modify your launcher, or just didn't play because of this can now rest at ease! Please make sure to report any bugs you may encounter running this new client in the appropriate forum section! Thanks and have a great day!



    June 2, 2017 lag issues

    By Mitchka,

    We are aware of the lag issues on the server. We are awaiting notifications from our host on the resolution.

    Network lag fixes, KitPvP ranks & Factions fixes

    By Ben,

    Hey everyone!


    Earlier today an issue occurred where the entire network was lagging. Originally, this was thought to be an issue with our host, however I discovered it wasn't and restarted the Bungee Server (handles all connections to AliaCraft) and this has mitigated the lag across the network.


    There was also an issue with monster spawners on Factions converting from their designated spawner type to the default pig spawner. This has also been mitigated. Please make me aware if there are any more issues regarding spawners on the Factions server.


    Lastly, people have been losing perks on KitPvP. This has only affected a small minority of people, but its still an issue. If you have lost a perk on KitPvP, please inform staff, and we will try to fix it within 24 hours. 


    Thank you!

    - Ben

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