2018 Guidelines and Rules

    By Mitchka,

    Not all instances can be listed. Staff may use their own discretion if an offense is not specifically listed below as long as it fits within  the guidelines of a similar offense.   You are not free to interpret the rules as you see fit, they are very clear and defined as needed.  If you are muted or banned and do not agree with the reason  you may appeal.  Depending on the severity of your offense staff have permission to punish for a higher offense than what you are actually on.  Mutes and bans higher than the 6th offense are approved my head admin and higher, and will not be changed.


    1. Hacking

    Clients, resource packs, macros and anything else that modifies you / others experiences and gives an unfair advantage is not permitted.

    1st offense: 7 day temp ban

    2nd offense: 30 day ban

    3rd offense:  30 day ban

    Continuous hacking on an account will result in a longer ban with a permanent ban as the final ban.

    If you are caught alting to bypass a ban, those accounts will also be removed from the network.


    2. Spamming and Caps

    Spamming the chat excessively with the same thing or something similar over and over again is not permitted. (letters,  numbers, symbols, and  messages)

    1st offense: warning

    2nd offense: warning

    3rd offense: 5 minute mute

    4th offense: 10 minute mute

    5th offense: 15 minutemute

    6th offense: 15 minute mute



    3. Swearing / Excessive Language

    Swearing in chat is not permitted on the server due to the wide range of age groups on the server.

    1st offense: warning

    2nd offense: 15 minute mute

    3rd offense: 30 minute mute

    4th offense: 1 hour mute

    5th offense: 1 hour mute

    6th offense: 1 hour mute



    4. Abuse Of Glitches

    Abusing a glitch which effects the game play and experience of others i.e: duplicating items is not permitted. If you report the glitch, you will receive a reward of some sort.

    1st offense: 1-7 day ban

    2nd offense: 8- 14  day ban

    3rd offense: 15 - 30 day ban

    4rd offense: 15 - 30 day ban

    5rd offense: 15 - 30 day ban

    6th offense:  30d ban



    5. Revealing Personal Information

    Revealing personal information, such as someones home address, is not tolerated on the network.

    1st offense: 30 day ban

    2nd offense: permanent ban



    6. AFK Pools

    Although afking is allowed on most AliaCraft servers, on some it is not tolerated on: SkyBlock & KitPvP.

    Depends on the server, will be specified at spawn.

    Excessive offenses will result in punishments handled by higher staff.


    7. Advertising Server IP

    Advertising something which is not affiliated with AliaCraft is not tolerated under any circumstances.

    1st offense: 1 day mute

    2nd offense:  perm mute


    8. Advertising Server Name

    Stating a website not affiliated with AliaCraft results in minor punishments.

    1st offense: warning if repeatedly asking

    2nd offense: 30 minute  mute

    3rd offense: 30 minute mute

    4th offense: 30 minute mute

    5th offense:30 minute mute

    6th offense: 30 minute mute



    9. Racism / Derogatory / Discrimination remarks

    Anything said to purposely offend someone,  or anything disrespecting or degrading,   their religion, race, nationality, lifestyle, or mental/ physical capabilities.(calling someone retarded, autistic, a spaz, cancerous, anything of that nature) even if the words are filtered out we do not tolerate racism at any level.

    1st offense: 2 hour mute

    2nd offense: 4 hour mute

    3rd offense: 1 day  mute

    4th offense: 2 day mute

    5th offense : 3 day mute

    6th offense : 7 day mute

    Evading the filter will not be tolerated


    9. Hack / DDoS / DoSing / Doxing Threats

    If to server: Perm ban

    To players 1st offense: 6 hour mute

    2nd offense: 7d ban

    3rd offense: perm ban


    10. Real Life Money Scamming

    Saying to someone that you'll give them something if they pay you with real money (donor ranks included) and then scamming them is not permitted. We are not responsible for any scams which take place with real money.

    1st offense: permanent ban with  proof


    11. Death Threats

    Mild threats - kys

    1st offense : strong warning

    2nd offense kick

    3rd offense 30 min mute

    4th offense 30m mute

    5th offense 1h mute

    6th offense 1h mute


    Extreme Graphic or wishing death through any means of harm to ones body or family or the like

    1st offense : 1 day  mute

    2nd offense 2 day mute

    3rd offense 7 day  mute

    4th offense 14 day mute

    5th offense 30 day mute

    6th perm mute


    12. Disrespect  and harassment

    Disrespecting people using strong language is not permitted and will result in punishments.

    1st offense: strong warning

    2nd offense: 30 minute mute

    3rd offense: 1 hour  mute

    4th offense: 2 hour mute

    5th offense: 2 hour mute

    6th offense: 2 hour mute



    13. Admitting To Hacks

    Admitting to hacks and saying you hack is not allowed.

    1st offense: warning

    2nd offense: 30 minute mute

    3nd offense: 30 minute mute

    4rd offense:30 minute mute

    5th offense: 30 minute mute

    6th offense: 30 minute mute



    14. Advertising YouTube / Twitch

    Advertising something which is not affiliated with AliaCraft.

    1st offense: 1 hour mute

    2nd offense: 1 hour mute

    3rd offense: 1 hour mute

    4th offense: 1 hour mute

    5th offense: 1 hour mute

    6th offense: 1 hour mute


    15. Backseating staff, arguing, being rude

    1st offense: warning

    2nd offense :warning

    3rd offense: kick from server

    4th offense: kick from server

    5th offense: 15 minute mute

    6th offense: 30 minute mute


    16. Ban and mute evading

    You may play on an alt account as long as you follow the rules and do  not break the ones you are previously banned on, however if you break the rules you will be punished according to the remainder of your other account that is banned


    17.  Griefing

    SkyBlock - We do not punish for this since you are trusted  on the plot or  island.


    Survival - No placing blocks within 15 blocks of another claim on survival. 

    1st offense : 1 day  ban / jail

    2nd offense 3 day  ban / jail

    3rd offense 7 day ban / jail

    4th offense 7 day ban / jail

    5th offense 7 day ban / jail

    6th offense 7 day ban / jail


    18. Inappropriate builds

    The structures must look appropriate and not insinuating this is a block game.

    1st offense : 1 day  ban / jail

    2nd offense 3 day  ban / jail

    3rd offense 7 day ban / jail

    4th offense 7 day ban / jail

    5th offense 7 day ban / jail

    6th offense 7 day ban / jail


    19, Languages other than English

    This is an english speaking server you may talk to players in private messages in your language but not in open chat.

    1st offense: warning

    2nd offense: warning (message in their language to only speak english in open chat)

    3rd offense: 15 minute mute

    4th offense: 15 minute  mute

    5th offense:  30 minute mute

    6th offense: 30 minute mute


    20 Trolling staff

    Being a nuisance to staff asking irrelevant questions or harassing them in any way that causes them to not help players that genuinely need help will not be tolerated.

    1st offense: warning

    2nd offense: strong warning

    3rd offense: kick from server

    4th offense: kick from server

    5th offense: 30 minute mute

    6th offense: 1 hour mute


    These rules are subject to change at anytime, so please keep an eye.




    Guess Who's Back??? - Network Update

    By Dooley_labs,

    AliACraft Network

    Guess Who's Back???

    July 2017 - Network Update


    Yo peeps, we've had big things in the works for a while now! We're sure you've all noticed the release of Legacy Prison, which is a relaunch of our OG Prison map from back in the day. With it's launch come many bug fixes in the prison gamemode itself. Firstly, any bugs once in the map are now fixed and the TPS (Ticks per second) generally remains at an average of 20, which is the highest it can be! We're keeping as many original features as possible, meaning the gamemode should be as original as possible, though we have made a few subtle changes - though you'll never find them. Aside from what we AREN'T changing, we'll be releasing something for the players that prestige: a new donor rank and 300+ new minimal security prestige cells. We won't be announcing the specific details of their release, but it may align with the prestige-ing of a certain player by the name of omgitsalia. That's right boys and girls, Ali-A himself has returned for the Prison hype - and to give out diamonds, of course! He'll be recording at times, so chances are, if you're a Prison donor, you'll be seeing a few mobs randomly disappear from time to time. If you do, please keep in mind it's for Youtube and not to disturb him - for example, use a different farm until he's finish; this makes for a better quality video! Trolls aren't fun, and it may be fun to mess with someone, but attempting to mess with their work is a really rude thing to do and may get you banned... forever.


    Aside from that, we've had some upgrades! We've tallied-up the amount of players the network can actually hold, so you'll see our max player count spike soon! We've also increased the speed between our data server and the server, so things'll be loading faster now, bans/mutes will load faster, and things in general will run a lot better than they once did! That upgrade alone also affects this forum, so it should also load better now! We've also had a few replacements in the network recently. The machine hosting Survival, Hub 1, and Skyblock recently had a hard drive failure, which is odd for RAIDed SSDs, but not unheard of, so we've moved those to a new machine. You should be noticing a few quality improvements in both gamemodes and the hub now! Since the old status page couldn't give details of what exactly was going on with the network, we've scrapped the old one (as nice as it was) and gotten a modern one that can report exactly what's going on with each gamemode and report expected maintenance! It's still in its beta stages, but it'll be updated regularly!


    While we've had network upgrades in the background, we've also done things you peeps may have noticed. We recently remade our Discord server, which we encourage all of you to use as an alternative to Teamspeak. It available free of charge on all devices and can be used from any computer's web browser! You can access it by going to this website: https://discord.aliacraft.net. We've also remade our network logos and banners! While we use a dedicated artist for most of our content, we'd love to see what you peeps have to offer! Please feel free to create banners and artwork for the network, then post them in the Community Artwork section of the forum! The only thing we must ask is that you don't claim ownership of other's content. If you didn't create it, don't say you did, that's rude and will get you banned!


    We have many more network updates in the works and on the way, so keep a lookout for announcements from the OPs team on this forum! All other announcements not specifically made by us are unofficial and are most likely fake!


    We hope you peeps enjoy the new features, improvements, and things to come!



    March Comes in Like a Lion - Forum Update

    By Dooley_labs,


    March Comes in Like a Lion

    March 2017 - Forum Update


    Hey peeps! It's been a long time coming, but we've finally gotten around to updating and fixing a ton of things around the site! There were many things none of us really cared for with the way the forum used to be setup, and we didn't have any plugins or addons to make it as nice as it is now! That said, I've purge a lot of content from the forum that really left a bad taste in everyone's mouths. They were either negative in nature, or didn't do anything to really help the forum out in any way. There were ban appeals all over the place, reports and complaints in the wrong sections, and small wars brewing in threads normal members had no business in! So, in an effort to clean up around here a bit, I've removed about 60% of all things that were on the forum, including a few things I didn't mean to remove... oops. I've changed the ban appeal format and fixed a few settings to reduce the load on the machine the forum runs from. I've disabled the ability to upload anything that isn't explicitly a picture file, but I may still disable that, too. Space on the site's important, and most people should be using an external image-sharing service, like imgur or puu.sh - I prefer puu.sh because it only loads the picture, no extra web page stuff, so it's really fast.


    Some of the changes you'll notice include the new, shiny portal page, which will feature announcements, show the server's status, and show twitter updates from our Twitter, AliAServers, and Ali-A himself! There've been other changes as well; you'll notice now that your reputation level is visible in the user bar at the top. It's among one of the smallest updates, but still a very useful tool. You can also clear notifications completely now! Click the notifications menu at the top to try that out, I know it's very useful to me.


    I've also added a nice thing that tells you when someone's online while you're reading a thread. If you see a green glow around their avatar, it means they're online, otherwise you'll see a barely visible dark shadow instead. In private messages, you'll see a little person next to other's usernames that do the same thing, just with less space to work with. You'll also notice user titles now appear in private messages. I thought this was a nice feature to add since it shows anyone in the message the staff rank, or lack thereof, of the person they're chatting with. One of the final things you'll notice I've added is a nice little scroll-to-top button in the bottom right corner of the page. It'll be very useful on the longer threads in the Community Wonderland.


    There are a few new optional things on user profiles as well. You can now change the size of your background image in event that the default size was too small for your background. That said, please don't make it as large as possible to annoy visitors to your profile. The other addition to user profiles is a little flag that displays which country you're from. It's a completely optional thing that you don't need to setup if it makes you uncomfortable, but I feel it'll help broaden the spectrum our players see in the community; we are an international community, after all. We have players from all corners of the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Belgium, the UK, Portugal, South Africa, Canada, and the US, just to name a few. If I missed your country, I apologize, but it's not easy to remember where all of our users come from, there are so many places...


    I know it's old news, but you can also login with several external services now, including Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Steam! As if that wasn't enough, we also added Two-Factor Authentication for those of you that value your account's security, and why shouldn't you? Security is a MUST around the AliaCraft Network; it's one of our top priorities across all aspects of the network. I've discovered that it's a bit bugged at the moment, but the 2FA option should appear under Account Settings soon, labeled Account Security.


    There are many more updates that aren't worth mentioning yet, and many more to come!

    Stay tuned; something big is coming soon!!

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