Prison is back

    By Ben,

    Hey everyone,


    This post is to let everyone know that prison is now back, and a few other things I would like you all to know so you're fully aware of the situation. 


    So what happened?


    There was a duplication bug on the server which allowed players to duplicate items. It involved the player data syncing system, which has now been removed (read below for more information). 


    What are we doing to prevent this from happening in the future?


    We've done a lot of investigation as to how the exploits worked, and have applied whats necessary to prevent there being any further item duplication. This involved removing the player data syncing system as well as applying numerous updates to the server. 


    What about my items on prison 2 and 3?


    The prison servers no longer synchronize enderchests, inventories or your balance. The only two things synchronized are your donor rank and Prison rank. This means if you have 100k on Prison 1, you will not have this on Prison 2 or 3, likewise for if you have an item in your inventory/enderchest on Prison 1; you won't have this on Prison 2 and 3. 


    The consequences


    Due to item duplication being a serious issue, your inventory, ender chest and balance was reset. When you rejoin the server, you will have a chain armour set, chain pickaxe and 64 steak. Cells are still present, however items such as vouchers and crate keys will have been removed from your cell since these items we deemed to be the most duplicated and reckless to the economy. 


    The verdict


    • Economy was reset.
    • Inventories & enderchests have been cleared.
    • Vouchers and crate keys were removed from all cells.
    • There is no longer player data syncing (other than your donor rank and prison rank).
    • Kit timers were reset.
    • If you had an AliA kit, you can do /kit AliA to re-obtain it.


    Final note


    We're extremely sorry to all the players who play fairly and have been caught up in this drama. We've done what we can to put everything back to how it should be.


    Thank you,


    Prison Maintenance

    By Ben,

    Hey everyone,


    By now you are all probably well aware of the issues which occurred on prison a few days ago, hence the prison servers being in "maintenance mode." 


    This is just a post to state that work is taking place on fixing the prison server. Once I have more information, I'll be making a follow up post explaining what we've done and what you can expect when the server is back online. 


    For now, please remain patient whilst be apply these changes.


    Thank you!

    - Ben

    Guess Who's Back??? - Network Update

    By Dooley_labs,

    AliACraft Network

    Guess Who's Back???

    July 2017 - Network Update


    Yo peeps, we've had big things in the works for a while now! We're sure you've all noticed the release of Legacy Prison, which is a relaunch of our OG Prison map from back in the day. With it's launch come many bug fixes in the prison gamemode itself. Firstly, any bugs once in the map are now fixed and the TPS (Ticks per second) generally remains at an average of 20, which is the highest it can be! We're keeping as many original features as possible, meaning the gamemode should be as original as possible, though we have made a few subtle changes - though you'll never find them. Aside from what we AREN'T changing, we'll be releasing something for the players that prestige: a new donor rank and 300+ new minimal security prestige cells. We won't be announcing the specific details of their release, but it may align with the prestige-ing of a certain player by the name of omgitsalia. That's right boys and girls, Ali-A himself has returned for the Prison hype - and to give out diamonds, of course! He'll be recording at times, so chances are, if you're a Prison donor, you'll be seeing a few mobs randomly disappear from time to time. If you do, please keep in mind it's for Youtube and not to disturb him - for example, use a different farm until he's finish; this makes for a better quality video! Trolls aren't fun, and it may be fun to mess with someone, but attempting to mess with their work is a really rude thing to do and may get you banned... forever.


    Aside from that, we've had some upgrades! We've tallied-up the amount of players the network can actually hold, so you'll see our max player count spike soon! We've also increased the speed between our data server and the server, so things'll be loading faster now, bans/mutes will load faster, and things in general will run a lot better than they once did! That upgrade alone also affects this forum, so it should also load better now! We've also had a few replacements in the network recently. The machine hosting Survival, Hub 1, and Skyblock recently had a hard drive failure, which is odd for RAIDed SSDs, but not unheard of, so we've moved those to a new machine. You should be noticing a few quality improvements in both gamemodes and the hub now! Since the old status page couldn't give details of what exactly was going on with the network, we've scrapped the old one (as nice as it was) and gotten a modern one that can report exactly what's going on with each gamemode and report expected maintenance! It's still in its beta stages, but it'll be updated regularly!


    While we've had network upgrades in the background, we've also done things you peeps may have noticed. We recently remade our Discord server, which we encourage all of you to use as an alternative to Teamspeak. It available free of charge on all devices and can be used from any computer's web browser! You can access it by going to this website: We've also remade our network logos and banners! While we use a dedicated artist for most of our content, we'd love to see what you peeps have to offer! Please feel free to create banners and artwork for the network, then post them in the Community Artwork section of the forum! The only thing we must ask is that you don't claim ownership of other's content. If you didn't create it, don't say you did, that's rude and will get you banned!


    We have many more network updates in the works and on the way, so keep a lookout for announcements from the OPs team on this forum! All other announcements not specifically made by us are unofficial and are most likely fake!


    We hope you peeps enjoy the new features, improvements, and things to come!



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