Network lag fixes, KitPvP ranks & Factions fixes

    By Ben,

    Hey everyone!


    Earlier today an issue occurred where the entire network was lagging. Originally, this was thought to be an issue with our host, however I discovered it wasn't and restarted the Bungee Server (handles all connections to AliaCraft) and this has mitigated the lag across the network.


    There was also an issue with monster spawners on Factions converting from their designated spawner type to the default pig spawner. This has also been mitigated. Please make me aware if there are any more issues regarding spawners on the Factions server.


    Lastly, people have been losing perks on KitPvP. This has only affected a small minority of people, but its still an issue. If you have lost a perk on KitPvP, please inform staff, and we will try to fix it within 24 hours. 


    Thank you!

    - Ben

    Fishing has been revamped - Survival Update

    By Ollieed,

    Hey Guys,


    We've released a new feature on Survival that should hopefully add a new diverse aspect to the economy. In this post i'm going to run through exactly how fishing has changed and how you can get involved and make some money as well.


    Fishing, the game mechanic itself, has stayed exactly the same; but the fish that you catch are completely different. Firstly, you will need to grab your self a fishing rod and make your way to an area with some deep water (you can use the new /warp fishing area). Then put your fishing rod into the water, when you catch a fish you will notice a message coming up in chat similar to this one:




    The two main things you need to notice about this message is the length (12cm) and the type of fish (Anchovy). With this fish you can sell them in /fish shop or just collect them, it's your choice. The price that your fish will sell for depends on the length (the longer the length the higher the price) and the tier of the fish. There a four different tiers shown below:


    Common - Shrimp, Anchovy, Croaker, Crab, Mackerel, Herring.

    Rare - Jellyfish, Squid, Flatfish, Sea Bream, Sea Bass.

    Epic - Clownfish, Pufferfish, Sea Turtle, Salmon, Black Drum, Tuna.

    Legendary - Blue Shark, Pygmy Whale (When eaten will give you a key).


    So yeah, that's it for the main fishing part. Expect more types of fish in the future with even more perks and rewards.


    Now the second part is about the 'Fishing Competition', this is a competition that will start every 3 hours and lasts for 6 minutes. You can track the leader board using /fish top. When you see this message in chat you know the event has started:




    At the end of the 6 minutes the top 5 people with the longest collected fish will get a reward:


    1st Place - 100k, Legendary Key

    2nd Place - 50k, Rare Key

    3rd Place - 25k

    4th Place - 15k

    5th Place - 10k


    So enjoy this guys, and hopefully lets see this rolling out to other servers soon!


    - Ollie


    March Comes in Like a Lion - Forum Update

    By Dooley_labs,


    March Comes in Like a Lion

    March 2017 - Forum Update


    Hey peeps! It's been a long time coming, but we've finally gotten around to updating and fixing a ton of things around the site! There were many things none of us really cared for with the way the forum used to be setup, and we didn't have any plugins or addons to make it as nice as it is now! That said, I've purge a lot of content from the forum that really left a bad taste in everyone's mouths. They were either negative in nature, or didn't do anything to really help the forum out in any way. There were ban appeals all over the place, reports and complaints in the wrong sections, and small wars brewing in threads normal members had no business in! So, in an effort to clean up around here a bit, I've removed about 60% of all things that were on the forum, including a few things I didn't mean to remove... oops. I've changed the ban appeal format and fixed a few settings to reduce the load on the machine the forum runs from. I've disabled the ability to upload anything that isn't explicitly a picture file, but I may still disable that, too. Space on the site's important, and most people should be using an external image-sharing service, like imgur or - I prefer because it only loads the picture, no extra web page stuff, so it's really fast.


    Some of the changes you'll notice include the new, shiny portal page, which will feature announcements, show the server's status, and show twitter updates from our Twitter, AliAServers, and Ali-A himself! There've been other changes as well; you'll notice now that your reputation level is visible in the user bar at the top. It's among one of the smallest updates, but still a very useful tool. You can also clear notifications completely now! Click the notifications menu at the top to try that out, I know it's very useful to me.


    I've also added a nice thing that tells you when someone's online while you're reading a thread. If you see a green glow around their avatar, it means they're online, otherwise you'll see a barely visible dark shadow instead. In private messages, you'll see a little person next to other's usernames that do the same thing, just with less space to work with. You'll also notice user titles now appear in private messages. I thought this was a nice feature to add since it shows anyone in the message the staff rank, or lack thereof, of the person they're chatting with. One of the final things you'll notice I've added is a nice little scroll-to-top button in the bottom right corner of the page. It'll be very useful on the longer threads in the Community Wonderland.


    There are a few new optional things on user profiles as well. You can now change the size of your background image in event that the default size was too small for your background. That said, please don't make it as large as possible to annoy visitors to your profile. The other addition to user profiles is a little flag that displays which country you're from. It's a completely optional thing that you don't need to setup if it makes you uncomfortable, but I feel it'll help broaden the spectrum our players see in the community; we are an international community, after all. We have players from all corners of the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Belgium, the UK, Portugal, South Africa, Canada, and the US, just to name a few. If I missed your country, I apologize, but it's not easy to remember where all of our users come from, there are so many places...


    I know it's old news, but you can also login with several external services now, including Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Steam! As if that wasn't enough, we also added Two-Factor Authentication for those of you that value your account's security, and why shouldn't you? Security is a MUST around the AliaCraft Network; it's one of our top priorities across all aspects of the network. I've discovered that it's a bit bugged at the moment, but the 2FA option should appear under Account Settings soon, labeled Account Security.


    There are many more updates that aren't worth mentioning yet, and many more to come!

    Stay tuned; something big is coming soon!!

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